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Webinar: Opportunities for Engagement-AAAS Science and Human Rights Coalition

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The AAAS Science and Human Rights Coalition is a network of scientific, engineering and health societies as well as affiliated individuals who recognize the role of science and technology in human rights. The Coalition offers a wide array of opportunities for engagement across its various areas of work, from coordinating efforts aimed at protecting the welfare of scientists, engineers and health professionals globally to integrating human rights into the ethical frameworks of science, from creating opportunities for bringing human rights to the work of STEM associations to building bridges with the human rights community, from developing curricula and other tools for teaching human rights as part of STEM training to fostering student interest and commitment in human rights as vital to the responsible conduct of science. Whether you represent an organization, are an affiliated individual or you are a scientist, engineer or health profession who is considering joining the Coalition, this webinar is your opportunity to learn about the mission, structure, activities and impact of the Coalition and how you can become involved.

Specific topics to be covered by the webinar will be:

-    History and background of the Coalition
-    Mission and structure
-    Activities and impact
-    Current projects
-    Engagement opportunities

Please register by 18 June 2015. 

Questions? Email jwyndham [at] aaas [dot] org