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Where's My Flying Car? Science, Science Fiction, and a Changing Vision of the Future

151 East Wacker Drive, Chicago, IL

Where's My Flying Car?

AAAS Annual Meeting Symposium: Where's My Flying Car? Science, Science Fiction, and a Changing Vision of the Future

Since the late 19th century, science fiction has captivated the imaginations of readers around the world. Always looking beyond the current state of the art, its authors have envisioned, often with considerable accuracy, the emergence of numerous new technologies and fields of study—from space travel and communications satellites to genetic engineering and the resurrection of extinct species. In addition to producing sweeping vistas of a utopian future, science fiction has produced numerous cautionary tales and explored ethical dilemmas associated with the use of new technologies before such capabilities were even possible. Along the way, it has inspired countless young minds to choose careers in the sciences, highlighted the importance of scientific literacy, and entertained millions. This symposium gathers prominent science fiction authors and scientists to discuss the constant interplay between this literary genre and the conduct and applications of science, as well how the public’s vision of the future has changed over time and what that might tell us about what comes next.

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Susan Wolfinbarger


Kim Stanley Robinson: Climate Change and the Scientific Community
Catherine Asaro: Genius Machines: The Future of Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Robotics, and Biomechanics
David H. Grinspoon: Visions of Life: The Fruitful Feedback Between Science Fiction and Astrobiology
Lawrence Krauss: Physics of the Future