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Historic Fellows

“Fellows shall be nominated ... from such of the members as are professionally engaged in science, or have by their labors aided in advancing science.”

AAAS Constitution
Adopted by the Standing Committee
12 August 1874

The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) is proud to present a historic list of distinguished members elected to the status of Fellow from the honor’s inception to the present day. These individuals are recognized for their extraordinary achievements across disciplines, and AAAS commends their dedication and commitment. Election to Fellow is a lifetime honor.

This is a historic list, therefore each Fellow’s institution at the time of election will be noted (where the historic records do not provide an institution, we have included a geographic region), along with the disciplinary section through which they were nominated, and year of election. This is a static list and will only be modified once a year to include the most recent class of Fellows.

For a list of AAAS Fellows who have maintained active member status with the organization (and therefore may serve as a sponsor on a new Fellow nomination), please refer to the list found here.

For general information on nominating Fellows, please refer to this page.

Should you have any questions about this historic list, please email:

Name Sort descending Year Elected State/Province Country Section Institutional Affiliation Status Year Status Changed
Dalton, Melville 1962 Social and Economic Science University of California, Los Angeles
Dalton, James 2015
Dalton, William 2018
Dalton, William 2018 Pharmaceutical Sciences M2Gen
Daluge, Susan 2002 Pharmaceutical Sciences GlaxoSmithKline, Inc.
Daly, Charles 1898 New York United States
Daly, Helen 1995 Psychology State University of New York
Daly, John 1984 Chemistry National Institutes for Arthritis Metabolism and Digestive Diseases, NIH
Daly, Kendra 2015 Biological Sciences University of South Florida
Daly, Marie 1966 Chemistry Van Etten Hospital
Daly, Mary 1933 Indiana United States St. Mary's College
Daly, Nelson 1963 Chemistry E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company
Daly, Reginald 1925 Harvard University / U.S. Geological Survey
Daly, Kendra 2015
Dam, Hans 2015 Biological Sciences University of Connecticut
Dam, Henrik 1951 Chemistry, Medical Sciences Danmarks Tekniske Hojskole (Denmark)
Dam, Kenneth 1983 Social, Economic, and Political Sciences University of Chicago
Dam, Hans 2015
Daman, Ernest 1990 Engineering Foster Wheeler Development Corporation
Damania, Blossom 2017
Dambach, Charles 1958 Ohio United States Zoological Sciences, Agriculture
Damerel, Charlotte 1963 Chemistry Wilson College
Damian, Raymond 1988 Biological Sciences University of Georgia
Damon, Albert 1959 Massachusetts United States Anthropology, Medical Sciences
Damon, H. 1946 Social and Economic Science