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Spanish Language Mass Media Fellows Program

Increasing public understanding of science and technology is a principal goal of AAAS. For some 40 years the Mass Media Science and Engineering Fellows Program has helped develop scientists, engineers, and mathematicians who are well-versed in communicating complex ideas to a general audience via placement in media sites across the United States. The importance of increasing public understanding of scientific issues, like the environment and health, is increasing. Reaching out to specific communities, especially those not well served by mainstream science media, is required to make sure science communication and education is available to everyone.  We wish to focus on serving the growing Latino populations of the US by supporting science communication and education in the language of those communities and by addressing issues of importance to the communities.  
For the first time in 2014, AAAS recruited two Spanish Language Fellows to expand the work with mainstream Spanish news outlets to bring science news to Spanish speaking communities. AAAS plans to continue the program and recruit Spanish Language Fellows indefinitely. 

Application Procedures

The Spanish Language Mass Media Fellows application is identical to the regular Mass Media Fellows Application (including criteria). Details can be found within the APPLY tab.

All application materials must be submitted online by 11:59pm EST, 15 January 2017.

The 2017 Mass Media Science and Engineering Fellows Program Onlline Application

In terms of the application packet, some of the pieces should be submitted in English and some in Spanish. Please see below for the requirements.

  1. Applicant information (contact information, academic history etc.) (English)
  2. Your CV (please include any honors, awards, and relevant activities) (English)
  3. General Writing Sample: ONE 2-3 page brief sample of your writing that is on any subject (science or non-science topic) and directed toward a non-scientific audience (using appropriate language for the general public). Please do not include technical or journal articles. (Spanish)
  4. Sample News Story: A 750-word 'news' story for the general public summarizing a science, mathematics or engineering journal article from the past 6 months (published after July 1, 2015) and describing what the study's findings are, why the study's findings are important and what impact it will have on the public. (Spanish)
  5. Source Article: The source journal article used to write your Sample News Story. (the news article itself may be in English or Spanish)
  6. Candidate Questions: Responses to each of the 7 reflective questions found within the application. (English)
  7. Two "Recommendation Questionnaires" completed online by recommenders you identify.  At one two of these recommenders should be from a faculty member who can comment on your academic work.  A third is optional but encouraged.  Recommendations from those that can comment on your science communication or writing is highly encouraged as well. (English)
  8. Unofficial transcripts of your undergraduate and graduate work (to be uploaded online or mailed directly to the program, but not both).

Applicants are required to be fluent in speaking and writing in Spanish. Interested applicants are encouraged to apply for both the traditional Mass Media Fellowship (in English) and the Spanish Language Fellowship. If you choose to apply for both, applicants will need to fill out two separate applications, and therefore will need to create two separate logins using two different email addresses. Please email if you plan on applying to both fellowships.

Again, the Spanish Language Mass Media Fellowship application is identical to the regular Mass Media Fellows Application (including criteria). Further details can be found within the APPLY tab.

Application window opens October 16th 2017 and close January 15th 2018  

Tune in for an informational Webinar November 7th 2pm EDT

Get more information and ask your questions about the program with advice from application reviewers and program alumni. 

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