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Organization and Governance


Board of Directors

Elected officials serving on the AAAS
Board of Directors are responsible for
the affairs of the association.

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Members of the AAAS Council meet
annually to establish the general policies
for the association.

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Corresponding to fields of interest
among members,AAAS sections include
24 fields, from physics and biology,
to neuroscience and general interest in science.

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Constitution & Bylaws

The current AAAS Constitution & Bylaws were
approved by the Council on 1 January 1973
and subsequently amended.

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Annual Election

The Annual Election, held each fall, allows members
to choose AAAS officers including the incoming
AAAS President-Elect, new members of the AAAS
Board of Directors, and new members of the
Committee on Nominations.

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Three AAAS Divisions elect their own officers and
conduct meetings for members in the Arctic,
Caribbean, and Pacific regions.

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AAAS maintains affiliations with other membership
organizations or professional societies that have
similar aims or an interest in supporting AAAS

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Each year the AAAS Council elects Fellows of AAAS,
in recognition of their distinguished
accomplishments in science and technology.

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Board of Directors

2019-2020 Officers

Margaret A. Hamburg

AAAS Chair of the Board

National Academy of Medicine

Steven Chu

Steven Chu

AAAS President

Stanford University

Claire Fraser

Claire Fraser

AAAS President-Elect

University of Maryland School of Medicine

Carolyn Ainslie

AAAS Treasurer

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Rush Holt

Rush D. Holt

AAAS Chief Executive Officer

Executive Publisher, Science

Other Members

Cynthia M. Beall

Cynthia Beall


Case Western Reserve University

May R. Berenbaum


University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Rosina Bierbaum

Rosina M. Bierbaum


University of Michigan/University of Maryland

Ann Bostrom

Ann Bostrom


University of Washington

S. James Gates, Jr.


Brown University

Laura Greene

Laura H. Greene


National High Magnetic Field Laboratory/Florida State University

Kaye G Husbands Fealing

Kaye Husbands Fealing


Georgia Institute of Technology

Maria Klawe

Maria M. Klawe


Harvey Mudd College

Robert B. Millard


Massachusetts Institute of Technology

William Provine

William D. Provine


DuPont/Delaware Innovation Space

Note: Terms end on the last day of the Annual Meeting held in the year given in parentheses.