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Annual Election of AAAS Officers

The AAAS 2011 elections for President-Elect, members of the Board of Directors, the Committee on Nominations, and the officers for the 24 sections will open at the end of December.

Current members of AAAS will be sent ballots and may vote either online or by returning a paper ballot. Please make sure your address and email are up-to-date with our Membership office (email) to ensure you receive your election material.

If you have any questions about the election process, please contact Kelly O’Brien in the Executive Office at email.

2011 Slate of Candidates

General Election

President: Phillip A. Sharp, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Jeremy A. Sabloff, Santa Fe Institute

Board of Directors: Bonnie L. Bassler, Princeton Univ.; May Berenbaum, Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; David A. Fischhoff, Monsanto; Michael S. Turner, Univ. of Chicago

Committee on Nominations: William Brinkman, U.S. Department of Energy; E. William Colglazier, U.S. Department of State; S. James Gates, Jr., Univ. of Maryland, College Park; Mary-Claire King, Univ. of Washington; Barbara J. Meyer, Univ. of California, Berkeley; Cherry A. Murray, Harvard Univ.; George M. Whitesides, Harvard Univ.; Keith R. Yamamoto, Univ. of California, San Francisco

Section Elections

Agriculture, Food, and Renewable Resources

Chair Elect: Harry J. Klee, Univ. of Florida; Susan R. McCouch, Cornell Univ.

Member-at-Large of the Section Committee: Jo Handelsman, Yale Univ.; David J. Mackill, Univ. of California, Davis

Electorate Nominating Committee: Edward S. Buckler, Cornell Univ.; Candace Haigler, North Carolina State Univ.; Leon Kochian, Cornell Univ.; Gregory B. Martin, Cornell Univ./Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research

Council Delegate: Thomas W. Bruulsema, International Plant Nutrition Institute; Maud A. Hinchee, ArborGen, Inc.


Chair Elect: Dennis H. O’Rourke, Univ. of Utah; John H. Relethford, SUNY-Oneonta

Member-at-Large of the Section Committee: Kathleen R. Gibson, Univ. of Texas-Houston Health Science Center Medical School; Karen R. Rosenberg, Univ. of Delaware

Electorate Nominating Committee: David G. Anderson, Univ. of Tennessee, Knoxville; Robert G. Franciscus, Univ. of Iowa; Leslea J. Hlusko, Univ. of California, Berkeley; James J. McKenna, Notre Dame Univ.


Chair Elect: Michael F. A’Hearn, U. of Maryland, College Park; Sandra M. Faber, Univ. of California, Santa Cruz

Member-at-Large of the Section Committee: S. George Djorgovski, California Institute of Technology; Megan Donahue, Michigan State Univ.

Electorate Nominating Committee: Carol A. Christian, Space Telescope Science Institute; Eli Dwek, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center; Martha P. Haynes, Cornell Univ.; Bruce Margon, Univ. of California, Santa Cruz

Atmospheric and Hydrospheric Sciences

Chair Elect: Andrew Dessler, Texas A&M Univ.; Michael D. King, Univ. of Colorado Boulder

Member-at-Large of the Section Committee: Russell R. Dickerson, Univ. of Maryland, College Park; Alan Mix, Oregon State Univ.

Electorate Nominating Committee: Dennis A. Hansell, Univ. of Miami; Margaret Leinen, Florida Atlantic Univ.; Joyce E. Penner, Univ. of Michigan; Don Wuebbles, Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Biological Sciences

Chair Elect: Joy Bergelson, Univ. of Chicago; John Doebley, Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison

Member-at-Large of the Section Committee: Scott V. Edwards, Harvard Univ.; Ellen D. Ketterson, Indiana Univ.

Electorate Nominating Committee: Robert R. H. Anholt, North Carolina State Univ.; Sarah Hake, Univ. of California, Berkeley; Jeannie T. Lee, Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School; Patricia J. Pukkila, Univ. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


Chair Elect: Ehud Keinan, Technion Univ., Israel/Scripps Research Institute; Alfred P. Sattelberger, Argonne National Laboratory

Member-at-Large of the Section Committee: Mark Ediger, Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison; Melanie Sanford, Univ. of Michigan

Electorate Nominating Committee: Anna K. Mapp, Univ. of Michigan; Coleen Pugh, Univ. of Akron; Shannon S. Stahl, Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison; William B. Tolman, Univ. of Minnesota

Dentistry and Oral Health Sciences

Chair Elect: Paul H. Krebsbach, Univ. of Michigan; Ichiro Nishimura, Univ. of California, Los Angeles

Member-at-Large of the Section Committee: Casey Chen, Univ. of Southern California School of Dentistry; Christopher H. Fox, American Assn. for Dental Research/Intl. Assn. for Dental Research

Electorate Nominating Committee: Anne George, Univ. of Illinois at Chicago; Steven D. Goodman, Univ. of Southern California; Lynne A. Opperman, Texas A&M Health Science Center; J. Timothy Wright, Univ. of North Carolina School of Dentistry


Chair Elect: Willie Pearson, Jr., Georgia Tech; Samuel M. Taylor, Carnegie Museum of Natural History

eMember-at-Large of the Section Committee: Dale Rose Baker, Arizona State Univ.; Margaret R. Bolick, North Carolina A&T Univ.

Electorate Nominating Committee: Julia V. Clark, National Science Foundation; Rainer E. Glaser, Univ. of Missouri-Columbia; Judy Scotchmoor, Univ. of California, Berkeley; LeeAnn Srogi, West Chester Univ.


Chair Elect: Kristina M. Johnson, Enduring Energy, LLC; Fawwaz T. Ulaby, Univ. of Michigan

Member-at-Large of the Section Committee: Taft H. Broome, Jr., Howard Univ.; Alan Eli Willner, Univ. of Southern California

Electorate Nominating Committee: Linda P.B. Katehi, Univ. of California, Davis; Russell Lefevre, Univ. of North Dakota; Edmund G. Seebauer, Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Gregory Stephanopoulos, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Council Delegate: William E. Bentley, Univ. of Maryland, College Park; Stuart L. Cooper, Ohio State Univ.; Anthony M. Johnson, Univ. of Maryland, Baltimore County; Larry V. McIntire, Georgia Tech/Emory Univ.

General Interest in Science and Engineering

Chair Elect: Eric J. Jolly, Science Museum of Minnesota; Marilee Long, Colorado State Univ.

Member-at-Large of the Section Committee: Joseph M. DeSimone, Univ. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Erica Goldman, COMPASS (Communication Partnership for Science and the Sea)

Electorate Nominating Committee: Lynne Timpani Friedmann, ScienceWriters Magazine; Barbara Gastel, Texas A&M Univ.; James P. O’Brien, Tidewater Community College; J. Michael Redding, Tennessee Technological Univ.

Geology and Geography

Chair Elect: Tim Dixon, Univ. of South Florida; Emi Ito, Univ. of Minnesota;

Member-at-Large of the Section Committee: Sherilyn C. Fritz, Univ. of Nebraska-Lincoln; Naomi Oreskes, Univ. of California, San Diego

Electorate Nominating Committee: Brenda Ekwurzel, Union of Concerned Scientists; Karl W. Flessa, Univ. of Arizona; Philip A. Meyers, Univ. of Michigan (emeritus); Walter D. Mooney, U.S. Geological Survey

History and Philosophy of Science

Chair Elect: Davis Baird, Clark Univ.; Geoffrey C. Bowker, Univ. of Pittsburgh

Member-at-Large of the Section Committee: Cathryn Carson, Univ. of California, Berkeley; Naomi Oreskes, Univ. of California, San Diego

Electorate Nominating Committee: Marcel Chotkowski LaFollette, Smithsonian Institution Archives; Thomas Nickles, Univ. of Nevada, Reno; Robert T. Pennock, Michigan State Univ.; Zuoyue Wang, California State Polytechnic Univ., Pomona

Council Delegate: Carl F. Cranor, Univ. of California, Riverside; Vassiliki Betty Smocovitis, Univ. of Florida

Industrial Science and Technology

Chair Elect: Thomas Mason, Oak Ridge National Laboratory; John L. Sarrao, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Member-at-Large of the Section Committee: François Coallier, École de Technologie Supérieure, Canada; Benn Tannenbaum, Sandia National Laboratories

Electorate Nominating Committee: Tom Meade, Dow AgroSciences; Thomas P. Russell, Univ. of Massachusetts Amherst; Proctor P. Reid, National Academy of Engineering; Wen-li Wu, National Institute of Standards & Technology

Council Delegate: Elizabeth R. Cantwell, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory; Kimon P. Valavanis, Univ. of Denver

Information, Computing, and Communication

Chair Elect: Eric Horvitz, Microsoft Research; Henry Kautz, Univ. of Rochester

Member-at-Large of the Section Committee: Peter A. Freeman, Georgia Tech; José-Marie Griffiths, Bryant Univ.

Electorate Nominating Committee: Toni Carbo, Drexel Univ.; Tom Dietterich, Oregon State Univ.; David D. Lewis, Consultant; Paul F. Uhlir, National Academy of Sciences

Linguistics and Language Science

Chair Elect: Karen Emmorey, San Diego State Univ.; Keren Rice, Univ. of Toronto, Canada;

Member-at-Large of the Section Committee: Laura L. Koenig, Long Island Univ./Haskins Laboratories; Colin Phillips, Univ. of Maryland, College Park

Electorate Nominating Committee: Mark Aronoff, Stony Brook Univ.; Hagit Borer, Univ. of Southern California; Eric Potsdam, Univ. of Florida; Don Ringe, Univ. of Pennsylvania


Chair Elect: David C. Manderscheid, Univ. of Nebraska-Lincoln; Juan C. Meza, Univ. of California, Merced

Member-at-Large of the Section Committee: James H. Curry, Univ. of Colorado Boulder; Sheldon Katz, Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Electorate Nominating Committee: Carlos Castillo-Chavez, Arizona State Univ.; David Kinderlehrer, Carnegie Mellon Univ.; Phil Kutzko, Univ. of Iowa; Annie Selden, Tennessee Technological Univ.

Medical Sciences

Chair Elect: Barry Coller, Rockefeller Univ.; Beverly L. Davidson, Univ. of Iowa

Member-at-Large of the Section Committee: Harry B. Greenberg, Stanford Univ. School of Medicine; Claire Pomeroy, UC Davis Health System

Electorate Nominating Committee: Karen Hsiao Ashe, Univ. of Minnesota Medical School; Daniel DiMaio, Yale School of Medicine; Stephen Feinstone, U.S. Food and Drug Administration; Katherine Amberson Hajjar, Weill Cornell Medical College

Council Delegate: Jay A. Berzofsky, National Institutes of Health; Stephen B. Calderwood, Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School; Mary C. Dinauer, Washington Univ. School of Medicine in St. Louis; Katherine A. High, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia; James A. Hoxie, Univ. of Pennsylvania Medical School; Nancy H. Ruddle, Yale Univ. School of Medicine


Chair Elect: Joseph T. Coyle, Harvard Medical School; Margaret M. McCarthy, Univ. of Maryland School of Medicine

Member-at-Large of the Section Committee: Yehuda Ben-Shahar, Washington Univ. in St. Louis; Robert Vassar, Northwestern Univ. Medical School

Electorate Nominating Committee: Jeffrey Cummings, Cleveland Clinic Foundation; Bart De Strooper, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium; Samer Hattar, Johns Hopkins Univ.; Michael J. Zigmond, Univ. of Pittsburgh

Pharmaceutical Sciences

Chair Elect: Kenneth D. Tew, Medical Univ. of South Carolina; Rick G. Schnellmann, Medical Univ. of South Carolina

Member-at-Large of the Section Committee: John F. Carpenter, Univ. of Colorado; Jashvant (Jash) D. Unadkat, Univ. of Washington

Electorate Nominating Committee: Alice M. Clark, Univ. of Mississippi; James M. Gallo, Mt. Sinai School of Medicine; Ashim K. Mitra, Univ. of Missouri-Kansas City; Murali Ramanathan, Univ. at Buffalo


Chair Elect: Robert A. Eisenstein, Santa Fe Alliance for Science; Jay Marx, California Institute of Technology

Member-at-Large of the Section Committee: David K. Campbell, Boston Univ.; William C. Louis, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Electorate Nominating Committee: Ravindra N. Bhatt, Princeton Univ.; E. Dan Dahlberg, Univ. of Minnesota; Angela V. Olinto, Univ. of Chicago; Stuart Parkin, IBM Research


Chair Elect: Richard N. Aslin, Univ. of Rochester; Gary G. Berntson, Ohio State Univ.

Member-at-Large of the Section Committee: Susan T. Fiske, Princeton Univ.; Gary S. Dell, Univ. of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Electorate Nominating Committee: Keith J. Holyoak, Univ. of California, Los Angeles; William G. Iacono, Univ. of Minnesota; Barbara A. Spellman, Univ. of Virginia; Sandra R. Waxman, Northwestern Univ.

Council Delegate: Peter J. Lang, Univ. of Florida; Lewis P. Lipsitt, Brown Univ.

Social, Economic, and Political Sciences

Chair Elect: David Collier, Univ. of California, Berkeley; Arthur Lupia, Univ. of Michigan

Member-at-Large of the Section Committee: Eileen M. Crimmins, Univ. of Southern California; Gary King, Harvard Univ.

Electorate Nominating Committee: Lynda T. Carlson, National Science Foundation; C. Gregory Knight, Pennsylvania State Univ.; Jonathan D. Mayer, Univ. of Washington; Aman Ullah, Univ. of California, Riverside

Council Delegate: Ronald R. Rindfuss, Univ. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Amy O. Tsui, Johns Hopkins School of Public Health

Societal Impacts of Science and Engineering

Chair Elect : Susan E. Cozzens, Georgia Tech; Karen A. Rader, Virginia Commonwealth Univ.

Member-at-Large of the Section Committee: Ruth L. Fischbach, Columbia Univ.; Mark Largent, Michigan State Univ.

Electorate Nominating Committee: Christopher J. Bosso, Northeastern Univ.; Richard Creath, Arizona State Univ.; David H. DeVorkin, Smithsonian Institution; Doris Teichler Zallen, Virginia Tech


Chair Elect: Sally C. Morton, Univ. of Pittsburgh; Jane-Ling Wang, Univ. of California, Davis

Member-at-Large of the Section Committee: R.W. Doerge, Purdue Univ.; Jessica Utts, Univ. of California, Irvine

Electorate Nominating Committee: Xuming He, Univ. of Michigan; Hans-Georg Müller, Univ. of California, Davis; Javier Rojo, Rice Univ.; Naisyin Wang, Univ. of Michigan