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Committee on Sections

The Committee meets a minimum of once annually and is charged with helping the sections to play a more active role: improving communications between the sections, reviewing activities, procedures and policies as well as making recommendations for ways to improve the overall effectiveness of the sections. Twelve sections are represented at a given time (in three-year terms) and serve on the committee with the AAAS president and president-elect. Each year four sections rotate off and four new sections rotate on.

Committee Chair
President Susan Hockfield
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Committee Chair-Elect
President-elect Margaret Hamburg
National Academy of Sciences


Ending 2018 (3-year terms)

Geology and Geography (E)
Chair Philip Gingerich
University of Michigan

History and Philosophy of Science (L)
Secretary Melinda Gormley
University of California, Irvine         

Agriculture, Food & Renewable Resources (O)
Secretary Dan Bush
Colorado State University

Linguistics and Language Sciences (Z)
Chair Jennifer Cole
University of Illinois


Ending 2019 (3-year terms)

Astronomy (D)
Chair Kathryn Flanagan
Space Telescope Science Institute

Engineering (M)
Chair-elect Deb Niemeier
University of California, Davis

Medical Sciences (N)
Chair Gregory Petsko
Brandeis University

Industrial Science and Technology (P)
Secretary Anice Anderson


Ending 2020 (3-year terms)

Biological Sciences (G)
Secretary Barbara Illman
U.S. Forest Service

Anthropology (H)
Secretary Karen Strier
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Education (Q)
Secretary Judith Dilts
James Madison University

General Interest in Science and Engineering (Y)
Chair-elect Katherine Rowan
George Mason University


Section Term Schedule

2011-2014        2012-2015        2013-2016        2014-2017        2015-2018        2016-2019

2017-2020        2018-2021        2019-2022        2020-2023        2021-2024        2022-2025

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Section Y         Section X         Section S          Section W         Section Z          Section P