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AAAS Affiliates

AAAS affiliates include 264 societies and academies of science, serving more than 10 million members, representing the world’s largest federation of scientific and engineering societies. For information about our affiliate organizations, please see our list of AAAS Affiliates.

Why Become an Affiliate?

Once completing the Affiliate Application Process, Affiliate status with AAAS comes with numerous benefits. These benefits contribute to positive publicity of both organizations, strengthening membership communities, enhancing advocacy efforts, and much more. Below are some of the great benefits frequently leveraged by affiliate organizations. For more information, please see our complete AAAS Affiliate Benefits

Discounted Exhibition Space at the AAAS Annual Meeting

Affiliated organizations may take advantage of discounted exhibit booth space at the AAAS Annual Meeting. This preferential rate provides an opportunity for affiliated organizations to enhance their visibility among strategically important audience of scientists, educators, policymakers, journalists, and science advocates.

Multi-Society Letters

Multi-society letters, organized by the AAAS Office of Government Relations, provide an opportunity for like-minded, yet diverse organizations to stand together in support of the scientific enterprise.

AAAS Catalyzing Advocacy in Science and Engineering (CASE) Workshops

AAAS affiliates have an opportunity to participate in the annual CASE workshop that AAAS organizes for graduate students interested in learning about the role of science in policy-making.

Golden Goose Award Ceremony

AAAS works in partnership with affiliates to host the annual Golden Goose Awards, which honor federally-funded scientific research that may sound odd or obscure, or was singled out for ridicule, but ultimately delivered significant benefits to society. AAAS affiliates contribute by nominating award candidates and sponsoring the ceremony and/or the video that is prepared to tell the story of the awardees. Affiliates who sponsor the ceremony or video also have an opportunity to attend an invite-only luncheon on Capitol Hill with awardees and Members of Congress.

AAAS Awards 

AAAS affiliates will receive information about our AAAS Awards and have an opportunity to nominate scientists, engineers, authors, journalists, and public servants for significant contributions to science and the public’s understanding of science.

Criteria for Affiliation of Organizations with the AAAS

The objectives of the AAAS are: "to further the work of scientists, to facilitate cooperation among them, to foster scientific freedom and responsibility, to improve the effectiveness of science in the promotion of human welfare, and to increase public understanding and appreciation of the importance and promise of the methods of science in human progress." There are many membership organizations and professional societies which have similar aims or have interest in supporting these objectives. Association with each other can be a mutually useful way of furthering these aims. The AAAS has established affiliation of organizations with AAAS as a means of furthering these common purposes. Criteria for such affiliation are set forth below, but final judgment as to whether or not an organization sufficiently satisfies these criteria shall rest with the Council.

  1. Its aims are clearly directed toward, or consistent with, the objectives of the Association.
  2. Its program and record of activities demonstrate interest in or substantial support of research, publications, or teaching in science or the advancement of science.
  3. It is committed to the principle of equal opportunity as stated in the AAAS Statement on Discrimination in the Workplace.
  4. It has sufficiently large membership (usually at least 200) and has been in existence for a sufficient time (usually at least five years) to give promise of continued support and worthwhile activity.

Procedures for Affiliation with AAAS

The president or other appropriate officers of an organization that wishes to affiliate or reaffiliate with AAAS should access our online affiliate application.The application will request: 

  1. A statement that gives the year of founding; the total number of members; a list of journals and other publications, indicating frequency of their publication; or other evidence of interest in or substantial support of research or teaching in science or the advancement of science.

  2. A brief history of the organization, including its aims
  3. A copy of its current constitution and bylaws.
  4. The names and addresses of current officers and the same information for the preceding four years.
  5. A statement of ways in which the applicant visualizes possibilities of cooperation with the AAAS toward the advancement of science.
  6. Certification that the applicant is committed to the Equal Opportunity in the Sciences and Engineering AAAS policy statement.
  7. A copy or link to a recent issue of each periodical published by the organization.
  8. A statement that the organization qualifies for tax exemption under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service code.

No later than 15 October, the complete application should be submitted for presentation and consideration by the Committee on Council Affairs at its winter meeting. The Committee’s recommendations will be submitted to the Council at the following Annual Meeting in February. The applying organization may elect to send an officer to the Council meeting where the final action will be taken. Prospective affiliates will be informed in advance of the exact times and locations of these meetings. Upon approval of the affiliation request by the Council, a copy of a recent list of the organization’s members and their addresses will be required.

Equal Opportunity in the Sciences and Engineering

The American Association for the Advancement of Science is formally committed to the principle of equal opportunity for all persons, without regard to irrelevant considerations of sex, race, creed, color, handicap, national origin, or age. It practices this principle in the selection and promotion of its employees and by opening its membership to all who are interested; by encouraging its nominating committees to nominate women, minority, and handicapped scientists and engineers for elective positions; and by attempting to increase the participation of women, minority, and handicapped scientists and engineers in all of its activities.

The Board of Directors recognizes that complex social, economic, and political forces have combined in the past to discourage women, minority, and handicapped persons from entering the sciences and engineering, and to deny those who do not enter equal access to positions of respect and authority. It is the Board's conviction that if each professional association would take all measures within its power to counteract these historic forces, the cause of truly equal opportunity for everyone in the scientific and engineering professions would be significantly advanced. The Board urges the affiliated organizations to join with the Association in this endeavor.