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Annual Election of AAAS Leadership


AAAS elections are held in the fall of each year for President-elect, Board of Directors, Committee on Nominations, and section positions. We invite you to suggest candidates for each of these positions by going here. Self-nominations are welcome. Submissions are accepted year-round.

Newly elected leaders begin their terms the day after the AAAS February Annual Meeting concludes. Responsibilities and term lengths for each position may be found in the oval buttons on the right side of this webpage.

AAAS seeks diverse and inclusive slates for all positions. Please remember all AAAS elected leaders and candidates for leadership position are expected to meet the commonly held standards of professional ethics and scientific integrity, and will be asked to sign a code of conduct to this effect.

Please contact us with any questions regarding nomination requirements or the election process at


PROCESS (for the President-elect and Board of Directors positions)

All candidates submitted will be forwarded to the AAAS Committee on Nominations for consideration and discussion. The Committee on Nominations is an independently elected committee comprised of eight members (elected by membership), in addition to the Board Chair. The elected members serve two-year terms. Their names may be found below.

This group considers names submitted from a variety of sources and emerge with a ranked list of candidates. AAAS bylaws require two candidates for each position. The CEO invites the candidates moved forward by the Committee on Nominations to stand for election.



Requirement for standing for election includes current membership with AAAS. Organization staff will verify membership standing if that is unknown. All candidates are required to sign a code of conduct adhering to the commonly held standards of professional ethics and scientific integrity



Please submit a nomination by going here. Self-nominations are welcome. These submissions will be considered by the Committee on Nominations.

Additional names may be placed on the slate for any of these positions by petition of at least one hundred Members submitted to the Executive Officer within thirty days following the announcement of the election. Any such petition shall be accompanied by a curriculum vitae of the nominee and the nominee’s statement of acceptance of nomination.



Please contact


2020-2021 Committee on Nominations

Marlene Belfort
University at Albany, the State University of New York

Michelle V. Buchanan
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Steven Chu (Board Chair is Board appointee to the Committee)
Stanford University

Elaine Fuchs
Rockefeller University

Paula T. Hammond
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

John G. Hildebrand
University of Arizona

Marcia C. Linn
University of California, Berkeley

Michael Prather
University of California, Irvine

Esther Takeuchi
Stony Brook University/Brookhaven National Laboratory

Each of the 24 sections has its own Electorate Nominating Committee (ENC) made up of six members, elected for three-year terms, plus the Retiring Chair of the ​Steering Group. They select candidates for the positions of Section Chair-elect, Member-at-large, ENC, and Council delegate. Each ENC may be found here.