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Council Members

The Council, the member-elected governing body of AAAS, comprises the board of directors, section retiring chairs, delegates from each electorate, two delegates from the National Association of Academies of Sciences, and one delegate from each Regional Division with the president serving as the chair and the executive officer as the secretary. The Council’s responsibilities include election of Fellows, adoption of resolutions and statements on matters affecting the Association, election of affiliates, and approving amendments to the Bylaws.

Council Chair

Steven Chu
AAAS President

Secretary to the Council

Alan I. Leshner
AAAS Interim Chief Executive Officer

Members of the Board of Directors are also members of the Council.

Cammy Abernathy (Section P, 2021)
University of Florida

David Awschalom (Section B, 2020)
University of Chicago/Argonne National Laboratory

Sankar Basu (Section M, 2021)
National Science Foundation

David Baum (Section G, 2022)
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Stephen Baylin (Section N, 2021)
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Pushpa Bhat (Section B, 2022)
Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory  

Alan Bishop (Section B, 2021)
Los Alamos National Laboratory

Lawrence Bobo (Section K, 2020)
Harvard University

James Bower (Pacific Division)
Numedeum, Inc.

Bonnie Carroll (Section T, 2020)
Information International Associates/CENDI

Vivian Cheung (Section N, 2021)
Howard Hughes Medical Institute/University of Michigan

Sandra Chung (Section Z, 2020)
University of California, Santa Cruz

Karen Cook (Section K, 2021)
Stanford University

Jacqueline Crawley (Section V, 2020)
University of California, Davis

Pamela Den Besten (Section R, 2020)
University of California, San Francisco

Channing Der (Section N, 2022)
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Nathaniel Dominy (Section H, 2022)
Dartmouth College

Lawrence Duffy (Arctic Division)
University of Alaska Fairbanks

Susan Dutcher (Section G, 2022)
Washington University in St. Louis

Jonathan Eisen (Section G, 2020)
University of California, Davis

Peter Faletra (NAAS)
New Hampshire Academy of Science

James Fleming (Section L, 2021)
Colby College

Janet Franklin (Section E, 2020)
University of California, Riverside

Teresa Fryberger (Section C, 2021)
National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine

Agustin Fuentes (Section H, 2020)
University of Notre Dame

Sarah Hake (Section O, 2020)
U.S. Department of Agriculture - Agricultural Research Service

Elizabeth Haswell (Section G, 2021)
Washington University in St. Louis

Phyllis Johnson (Section X, 2020)
University of North Dakota

Don Jordan (NAAS)
University of South Carolina

Susan Kauzlarich (Section C, 2020)
University of California, Davis

Emily Klein (Section E, 2022)
Duke University

Jay Labov (Section Q, 2020)
National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (Retired)

Cynthia Larive (Section C, 2022)
University of California, Santa Cruz

Joceline Lega (Section A, 2022)
University of Arizona

Deborah Lockhart (Section A, 2020)
National Science Foundation

Michael Lynch (Section G, 2020)
Arizona State University

James McClelland (Section J, 2021)
Stanford University

Joan Najita (Section D, 2022)
National Optical Astronomy Observatory  

Richard Neubig (Section S, 2020)
Michigan State University

John Newsam (Section P, 2020)
Windhover Ventures LLC

Deb Niemeier (Section M, 2020)
University of California

Lynne Opperman (Section R, 2020)
Texas A&M University College of Dentistry

Barbara Partee (Section Z, 2020)
University of Massachusetts Amherst

David Perlmutter (Section N, 2020)
Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis

Bradley Peterson (Section D, 2020)
Ohio State University

Jennifer Poulakidas (Section X, 2020)
University of California, Los Angeles

Catherine Pringle (Section G, 2021)
University of Georgia  

Juan Ramirez-Lugo (Caribbean Division)
University of Puerto Rico

Philip Rasch (Section W, 2020)
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Nancy Reid (Section U, 2020)
University of Toronto (Canada)

Ian Robertson (Section M, 2020)
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Henry Roediger III (Section J, 2020)
Washington University in St. Louis

Debra Rolison (Section C, 2022)
U.S. Naval Research Laboratory

Katherine Rowan (Section Y, 2020)
George Mason University

Alejandro Sánchez Alvarado (Section G, 2021)
Howard Hughes Medical Institute/Stowers Institute for Medical

Susan Rundell Singer (Section Q, 2020)
Rollins College

Vassiliki Smocovitis (Section L, 2020)
University of Florida

Hal Stern (Section U, 2020)
University of California, Irvine

Jennifer Tank (Section O, 2021)
University of Notre Dame

Richard Taylor (Section S, 2020)
University of Notre Dame

Thea Tlsty (Section N, 2022)
University of California, San Francisco

Leslie Tolbert (Section V, 2022)
University of Arizona (Retired)  

Paul Turner (Section G, 2022)
Yale University

JoAnn Valenti (Section Y, 2020)
Brigham Young University Emeritus

Toby Walsh (Section T, 2020)
University of New South Wales (Australia)  

Diane Wickland (Section W, 2020)
National Aeronautics and Space Administration (retired)


Claire Fraser, AAAS President-Elect and CCA Chair
University of Maryland School of Medicine

Steven Chu, AAAS President
Stanford University

Jay Labov (2020)
National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (Retired)

Lynne Opperman (2020)
Texas A&M University College of Dentistry

Ian M. Robertson (2020)
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Diane E. Wickland (2020)
NASA (retired)

TBD (2021)

TBD (2021)

TBD (2021)

TBD (2021)



Michelle V. Buchanan (2021)
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Sallie (Penny) Chisholm (2020)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Elaine Fuchs (2021)
Rockefeller University

Jeffrey I. Gordon (2020)
Washington University School of Medicine

Mary Frank Fox (2020)
Georgia Institute of Technology

Paula T. Hammond (2021)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Marcia C. Linn (2021)
University of California, Berkeley

Amita Sehgal (2020)
University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine

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