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Multidisciplinary Working Groups

In the final phases of modernizing its 70-year-old governance structure, AAAS sought to capitalize on its unique multidisciplinary strength to build on its strategic goals and find a new opportunity for impactful dialogue and solution. The Multidisciplinary Working Groups (MWGs) were created, under the purview of the AAAS Council, to address high-priority issues in science, technology, engineering, mathematics and medicine (STEMM). The MWGs draw upon our key strengths our unique position at the intersection of science, policy, and publishing; the multidisciplinary composition of our members; our longstanding connection with other scientific and professional societies; and our deeply engaged volunteers with extensive expertise.

In addition to providing AAAS and the STEMM enterprise with actionable, feasible and practical advice in response to key issues, the MWGs will also advance our strategic vision as a boldly inclusive, mobilized and global scientific community that ignites, enables and celebrates scientific excellence and science-informed decision-making.

The MWG Process

Proposals for new MWGs will be accepted on a rolling basis. The AAAS Council will periodically review topics for which to convene MWGs.

Once a MWG topic is approved by the AAAS Council, a nomination period for Working Group membership will open. Individuals interested in participating in a MWG may either self-nominate or be nominated by another individual, and they do not need to be current or former AAAS members.

In support of the AAAS goal of fostering a diverse, equitable, open and inclusive scientific enterprise, each MWG will include diverse perspectives across an array of STEMM disciplines, including academic and non-academic sectors, as well as early-career (including students), mid-level and advanced-career individuals.

The size of the MWGs may vary but generally will fall between 10-20 core group members. The AAAS Council will appoint the members of each MWG.

As the MWG meets, their updates will be shared with the AAAS Council and the public for input. The MWG’s ultimate plans for implementation will be presented at the AAAS Annual Meeting.

Get Involved

The first MWG is the Empowering Career Pathways in STEMM Multidisciplinary Working Group. Learn more about the working group, including how to apply to be a member.

Submit a proposal for a future MWG.