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Procedures for Affiliation with AAAS

The president or other appropriate officers of an organization that wishes to affiliate or reaffiliate with AAAS should access our online affiliate applicationThe application will request: 

  1. A statement that gives the year of founding; the total number of members; a list of journals and other publications, indicating the frequency of their publication; or other evidence of interest in or substantial support of research or teaching in science or the advancement of science.

  2. A brief history of the organization, including its aims
  3. A copy of its current constitution and bylaws.
  4. The names and addresses of current officers and the same information for the preceding four years.
  5. A statement of ways in which the applicant visualizes possibilities of cooperation with the AAAS toward the advancement of science.
  6. Certification that the applicant is committed to the Equal Opportunity in the Sciences and Engineering AAAS policy statement.
  7. A copy or link to a recent issue of each periodical published by the organization.
  8. A statement that the organization qualifies for tax exemption under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service code.

No later than 13 October, the complete application should be submitted for presentation and consideration by the Committee on Council Affairs at its winter meeting. The Committee’s recommendations will be submitted to the Council at the following Annual Meeting in February. The applying organization may elect to send an officer to the Council meeting where the final action will be taken. Prospective affiliates will be informed in advance of the exact times and locations of these meetings. Upon approval of the affiliation request by the Council, a copy of a recent list of the organization’s members and their addresses will be required.

[Adopted by the AAAS Council, 29 May 1986. ]

For questions regarding AAAS Affiliation, contact Charles Belo at

or 202-326-8962