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Medical Sciences (N)

The section steering committee comprises the secretary, chair, nominations/leadership development chair, membership engagement chair, early career representative, non-academic representative, council member and two members-at-large.


David Frank (2023)
Emory University, School of Medicine


Gillian Air (2026)
University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center

Nominations/Leadership Development Chair

Mary Roberts (2023)
Boston College (Emerita)

Membership Engagement Chair

Maria Castro (2023)
University of Michigan 

Early Career Representative

Andrew Schaumberg (2023)
Brigham & Women's Hospital

Non-Academic Representative

Ann Taylor (2023)
National Academies of Science Forum on Drug Discovery, Development, and Translation (Retired)

Council Member

Vasanthi Jayaraman (2023)
UTHealth Houston McGovern Medical School


Katherine Hajjar (2023)
Weill Cornell Medicine 

Pierre Coulombe (2023)
University of Michigan 


Note: Terms end on December 31 in the year given in parentheses.