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Education (Q)

The section steering group comprises the secretary, chair line and members-at-large.


Patricia Marsteller (2020)
Emory University


Nancy Pelaez (2020)
Purdue University

Retiring Chair

Susan Rundell Singer (2020)
Rollins College


Judith Dilts (2020)
James Madison University


Ann Reid (2020)
National Center for Science Education

Linda M. Grisham (2021)
Massachusetts Bay Community College

Angela Calabrese Barton (2022)
University of Michigan

Deborah Allen (2023)
University of Delaware

Council Delegate

Jay B. Labov (2020)
National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (Retired)

Electorate Nominating Committee

Susan Rundell Singer (2020)
Rollins College

James J. Smith (2020 - ENC Chair)
Michigan State University

Juliana Texley (2020)
Central Michigan University

Stacey Kiser (2021)
Lane Community College

Kathrin F. Stanger-Hall (2021)
University of Georgia

Sarah G. Allen (2022)
National Park Service

David J. Asai (2022)
Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Note: Terms end on the last day of the Annual Meeting held in the year given in parentheses.