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Dentistry and Oral Health Sciences (R)

The section steering committee comprises the secretary, chair, nominations/leadership development chair, membership engagement chair, early-career representative, non-academic representative, council member and two members-at-large.


Ichiro Nishimura (2023)
University of California, Los Angeles


Marco Bottino (2026)
University of Michigan

Council Member

Christopher Fox (2023)
American Association for Dental, Oral, and Craniofacial Research/ International Association for Dental Research

Nominations/Leadership Development Chair

Pamela Yelick (2023)
Tufts University 

Membership Engagement Chair

David Drake (2023)
University of Iowa 

Early-Career Representative

Matthew Thoppil (2023)
University of Illinois Chicago 

Non-Academic Representative

Marcelo Friere (2023)
J. Craig Venter Institute  


Catherine Ovitt (2023)
University of Rochester

Linda M. Kaste (2024)
University of Chicago 


Note: Terms end on December 31 in the year given in parentheses.