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Governance Modernization


In 2020, AAAS initiated a Governance Modernization Project to transform our organizational governance structure, which has not been updated in more than 70 years. Our vision is to create a more nimble, integrated, and inclusive structure that can address important societal challenges where AAAS has a role to play and serve as a foundation for the long-term strategic plan we are building. A modern governance structure will have a unified and sustainable model, adopt best practices, and leverage our multidisciplinary strength to increase societal benefits for all people.

We are currently seeking input on a draft framework developed by our Working Group – made up of current and former volunteer leaders across scientific disciplines. We are striving to update, finalize and secure approval on this framework in the spring of 2022. Should the framework be approved, we will implement this new structure starting in 2023.


Claire Fraser

Claire M. Fraser, Ph.D.

Past Chair, AAAS Board of Directors, and Chair, Governance Modernization Project Working Group

Dean’s Endowed Professor and Director, Institute for Genome Sciences

University of Maryland School of Medicine