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Governance Modernization

For the first time in more than seven decades, AAAS continued the monumental task of modernizing our volunteer governance structure, including, most recently, the unanimous vote of the AAAS Council last July to approve the recommendations of the Governance Modernization Working Group, which began its work in April 2020. Since the summer, we have been working on administrative steps to turn the framework proposed by the Working Group, and approved by the Council, into a reality.  

In the fall of 2022, AAAS members voted and overwhelmingly approved two amendments to the AAAS Charter (also known as the Articles of Incorporation) that will allow the transition to the new governance structure. In December 2022, the Massachusetts Secretary of the Commonwealth accepted the filing of these amendments to the AAAS Charter. These changes amend the Charter by inserting the following after Section 3A:

Section 3B.  The directors may make, amend or repeal the by-laws of said corporation in whole or in part.

Section 3C. Meetings of the members may be held anywhere in the United States.”

In the coming weeks, you will be asked to approve one more item – an amendment to our Constitution that will enable the final step in the transition. Finally, the process will be complete in early 2023 when the Board of Directors adopts an updated set of bylaws.

We thank you for your continued support of this process and of this organization that we all cherish and are fortunate to steward during such a pivotal time in its history.

Gilda Barabino, AAAS President
Sudip Parikh, AAAS CEO