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If you are creating news for a AAAS program, select "AAAS News"
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Body news articles must be written in the third-person, past tense, and should not exceed 750 words unless there is an extremely compelling reason to provide additional information and News and Information Director Anne Hoy agrees that the extra length is warranted. Brush up on the AAAS Style Guide and writing tips.
Remember, all media inquires should be sent to Tiffany Lowhater.

Focus areas

There are eight focus areas to help guide users to content by topic. They are Science Education, Science Diplomacy, Federal Science Budget Data and Analysis, Advocacy for Evidence (what members/visitors can do, e.g., action alerts, trainings, etc.), Shaping Science Policy (what AAAS does, e.g., statements), Public Engagement, Careers in STEM, and Human Rights, Ethics and Law.




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