Member Help

If you are a new AAAS member, you must first activate your account before logging on to AAAS MemberCentral. To activate your account, have your new AAAS Member Number handy, and then go here to confirm your email address and create a password.

Once you've confirmed your email and created a password, you can use your new credentials to login.

If you are a current member, there is a new login process for AAAS and Science. For your convenience, we have streamlined the user experience so that there is now just one login for both MemberCentral and Science. As part of the new login process, you will be required to update your existing username and password.

It is important to update your login information for continued access to Science online content and MemberCentral. Doing so also gets you enhanced security and access to new benefits.

It will take just a few quick steps!

  1.  Look up your account*
  2.  Confirm your email address
  3.  Set your password

Update your login now!

*Important: If you are looking up your account using your AAAS Member Number, you must enter 8 digits. If your AAAS Member Number has less than 8 digits, please add zeros in front of your AAAS Member Number. For example: 123456 needs to be entered as 00123456

After you update your login and password, please visit our new AAAS MemberCentral My Profile, located in the upper right-hand corner of MemberCentral. Here you can manage your AAAS account details, update contact and address information, reset a password, join or change a section, and more.

Online Access and Journal Delivery

How long does it take for my membership to start?

If you order your membership online, and set up your account using your email and password, you will have immediate access to Science and AAAS MemberCentral. If you joined AAAS by returning a physical mailing form or by calling in and given us your email address, you will receive a welcome email once your order is received and processed. From this email you will receive instructions on how to create your online account that will give you universal access to and AAAS MemberCentral.

If you requested the digital delivery of Science you can access your first issue one to two weeks after receipt of payment at The digital version of Science includes cross-issue searching, enhanced tablet features and more. You will be notified via email when subsequent issues are delivered to your library on the web and/or your iPad.

If you have opted for print delivery your first issue should arrive within 10 to14 business days in the US and internationally.

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Can I change my email address and password on AAAS MemberCentral?

Yes, once logged into MemberCentral, go to My Profile. You will see a link to edit your profile in the left navigation. From this page, you can change your email address (and other profile information).

If you are having difficulty updating your login information, please contact AAAS MemberCentral Support at or via phone weekdays 8:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. ET at 202-326-6417 or toll free in the United States at 866-434-2227.

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Changes to Your Membership

AAAS MemberCentral My Profile is now available for you to update your account online. Over time, we will be adding additional functionality to enhance your online experience. Please click here to:

  • Change your billing or shipping address
  • View and update membership details

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Changing Your Credit Card Information

To change your credit card information for any reason please contact a AAAS MemberCentral Support associate by phone weekdays 8:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. ET at 202-326-6417 or call toll free in the United States at 866-434-2227.

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For all membership, Science Immunology, Science Robotics, Science Translational Medicine, and Science Signaling receipts please contact an AAAS MemberCentral Support associate via email at or via phone weekdays 8:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. ET at 202-326-6417. Call toll free in the United States at 866-434-2227.

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Replacing Missing Issues

Science is mailed every Friday on the cover date from our printer in Waseca, MN. If you live in the continental United States, Science is mailed Second Class and delivery will take up to 10 business days in the US and up to 14 business days internationally. Occasionally an issue is delayed or lost. If you miss an issue, please call or write us at We will be happy to help you.

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Forgot Your AAAS Number?

Your AAAS Member Number has 8 digits . You can find it in four places:

1. Login to AAAS MemberCentral using your login (email address) and password. Click on the My Profile button to open your MemberCentral Profile page. From your MemberCentral Profile account page you can view your 8-digit AAAS Member Number under your name.

2. If you receive a print version of Science, it is printed on your mailing label, the 8-digit number above your name. On international labels, it is the first 8-digit number at the top of your mailing address, above your name and the word SCIENCE.

3. If you ordered online, it is printed in your confirmation email for your subscription.

4. You can also find your AAAS Member Number on the address label of  your Welcome Kit and in the Welcome Email.

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How Do I Renew My Membership?

Six months before your scheduled expiration date, we will send you a reminder to renew your AAAS membership. Our online renewal page offers the option to sign up for auto-renewal of your membership for future years.

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Contact Us

Contact a AAAS MemberCentral Support associate via email at or via phone weekdays 8:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. ET at 202-326-6417. Call toll free in the United States at 866-434-2227. When contacting us, please reference your 8-digit AAAS Membership Number. For billing errors, please include a copy of your invoice, so that we can easily locate your membership record.

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