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AAAS Members Recognized with Golden Goose Award for Breakthroughs in Genomics Research and Poultry Science

Orange sphere with an image of a goose
Golden Goose Award Image, Photo Credit Golden Goose Award Committee

Congratulations are in order for AAAS Members Daniel Branton, David Deamer and Paul Siegel for receiving the 2023 Golden Goose Award! Branton and Deamer were recognized for forming part of a research team that developed an advanced DNA sequencing technique called nanopore sequencing. Siegel conducted a 65-year experiment on chicken pedigree lines that serves as a foundation for modern methods of raising and breeding chickens.


The Golden Goose Award celebrates federally funded research that sounds silly, but ultimately benefits society. Branton, Deamer and Siegel are three of five researchers selected across the fields of biology, agriculture and genomics for their unexpected breakthroughs as 2023 awardees. On September 27, 2023, AAAS co-hosted the 12th annual Golden Goose Award ceremony with the Association of American Universities, a founding member of the Golden Goose Award, at the Library of Congress to celebrate the awardees’ achievements.

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