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Mentor the next generation of scientists

Science education non- profit Iridescent recently launched a new version of their online project based learning and mentoring platform the Curiosity Machine. This learning experience includes videos of scientists and design challenges. A key aspect of the design challenges is that students upload pictures and videos, along with textual responses about their learning, and receive individualized feedback from mentors. The mentors are engineers and scientists who volunteer their time to provide feedback on projects, including suggestions for the design and questions to challenge children to think more deeply about both the project design and the underlying science concepts.

Curiosity Machine is currently seeking AAAS members willing to volunteer their time and help mentor students. As a mentor, you can help students develop curiosity to understand how things work, creativity to try new ideas, and persistence to find a solution despite failures.

Mentors are given training by Iridescent staff an can participate online from anywhere. A one-hour a week commitment is required.

To learn more about Curiosity Machine, visit their website or contact Andrew at Background (PDF) on the Curiosity Machine program.

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