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The 2015-16 Class Begins to Take Shape

Throughout the year, STPF staff can be found hard at work recruiting prospective fellows. Applications are submitted May through November of each year by scientists, social scientists and engineers hoping to become part of the following year’s incoming class. Applications are currently in the second stage of review. Selection committees will meet at the end of January to determine which candidates to invite for interviews.

Some facts about 2015-16 class hopefuls:

  • Six out of 10 are female.
  • 57% are currently in academia.
  • Micro/molecular/cell biology and physics tie for the lead in number of applicants in those disciplines.
  • Which state boasts the highest number of applicants? See ** below for the answer.
  • The social/behavioral discipline saw the largest increase in number of applicants among all disciplines.
  • The number one way that applicants first heard about the program is from current and alumni fellows: 45% of applicants were reached by fellows. Thank you, fellows!


Fellows gather at Orientation 2014.

** Maryland!


Kat Song

Communications & Digital Strategy Director