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2018 AAAS/Subaru SB&F Prizes Longlist Announced


AAAS and Subaru of America, Inc. are proud to announce the books that were selected for the longlist of the 2018 AAAS/Subaru SB&F Prizes for Excellence in Science Books. The Prizes celebrate outstanding science writing and illustration for children and young adults and are meant to encourage the writing and publishing of high-quality science books for all ages. AAAS believes that, through good science books, this generation, and the next, will have a better understanding and appreciation of science.

Our judges have been busy reading the many books submitted for the prize over the past six months and they have narrowed down those books to a longlist of books. The finalists will be announced in November and the winners will be announced in January 2018.

This year marks the 12th year that AAAS has partnered with Subaru to choose outstanding science books for children, middle schoolers, and young adults. Prizes are awarded in these categories:

  • Children’s Science Picture Book
  • Middle Grade Science Book
  • Young Adult Science Book
  • Hands-On Science Book

The Prizes will be bestowed at the 183rd AAAS Annual Meeting in Austin, TX, 15-19 February 2018.


Jon WillisAll These Worlds Are Yours: The Scientific Search for Alien Life
Yale University Press

Alexandra HorowitzBeing a Dog: Following the Dog Into a World of Smell
Simon & Schuster

Sam KeanCaesar’s Last Breath: Decoding the Secrets of the Air Around Us
Little, Brown and Company

James T. CostaDarwin’s Backyard: How Small Experiments Led to a Big Theory
W.W. Norton & Co.

McKay JenkinsFood Fight: GMOs and the Future of the American Diet
Penguin Random House

Lee Alan Dugatkin and Lyudmila TrutHow to Tame a Fox (And Build a Dog): Visionary Scientists and a Siberian Tale of Jump-Started Evolution
University of Chicago Press

Anurag AgrawalMonarchs and Milkweed: A Migrating Butterfly, a Poisonous Plant, and Their Remarkable Story of Coevolution
Princeton University Press

Joel SartorePhoto Ark: One Man's Quest to Document the World's Animals
National Geographic Society

Kathryn MilesQuakeland: On the Road to America's Next Devastating Earthquake
Penguin Random House

Neil deGrasse Tyson, Michael A. Strauss, and J. Richard GottWelcome to the Universe: An Astrophysical Tour
Princeton University Press



Steve JenkinsAnimals by the Numbers: A Book of Animal Infographics
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Amy CherrixEye of the Storm: NASA, Drones, and the Race to Crack the Hurricane Code
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Dr. Dave Williams and Loredana CuntiGo for Lift Off! How to Train Like an Astronaut
Annick Press

Claire EamerInside Your Insides: A Guide to the Microbes That Call You Home
Kids Can Press

Patricia NewmanSea Otter Heroes: The Predators That Saved an Ecosystem
Millbrook Press

Dr. Dave Williams and Loredana CuntiTo Burp or Not to Burp: A Guide to Your Body in Space
Annick Press

Alexandra SiyVoyager’s Greatest Hits: The Epic Trek to Interstellar Space
Charlesbridge Publishing

Claire EamerWhat a Waste!: Where Does Garbage Go?
Annick Press



Deborah Lee Rose and Jane VeltkampBeauty and the Beak: How Science, Technology, and a 3D-Printed Beak Rescued a Bald Eagle
Persnickety Press

Doug WechslerThe Hidden Life of a Toad
Charlesbridge Publishing

Laura Purdie Salas (author), Jaime Kim (illustrator)If You Were the Moon
Millbrook Press

Paul MeiselMy Awesome Summer by P. Mantis
Holiday House

Jonathan London (author), Meilo So (illustrator)Otters Love to Play
Candlewick Press

Kate Messner (author) Christopher Silas Neal (illustrator)Over and Under the Pond
Chronicle Books

Eileen ChristelowRobins! How They Grow Up
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Jess Keating (author) Marta Alvarez Miguens (illustrator)Shark Lady: The True Story of How Eugenie Clark Became the Ocean's Most Fearless Scientist
Sourcebooks Jabberwocky



Melissa Stewart (author), Andre Ceolin (illustrator)Droughts

David A. Adler (author) Anna Raff (illustrator)Magnets Push, Magnets Pull
Holiday House

Sarah Wassner FlynnThis Book Stinks: Gross Garbage, Rotten Rubbish, and the Science of Trash
National Geographic Children’s Books

Karen Romano YoungTry This! 50 Fun & Safe Experiments for the Mad Scientist in You
National Geographic Children’s Books