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AAAS Climate Change Resources

AAAS provides resources for scientists to act as leaders on the issue of global climate change. Information about AAAS efforts related to climate change and links to relevant resources are provided here.

Impact Media Lab/AAAS

Short video about the How We Respond project.

AAAS Program Work on Climate Change

The AAAS Center for Public Engagement with Science & Technology leads several efforts related to climate communication. These include:

The AAAS Office of Government Relations conducts and supports engagement with policymakers, often related to climate change. The Local Science Engagement Network is working to build engagement opportunities between scientists and local and state policymakers, community stakeholders, and the public to leverage scientific evidence and inform efforts to address varied local impacts of climate change.

The AAAS Dialogue on Science, Ethics and Religion (DoSER) held its 2019 holiday lecture on climate change: A Climate of Hope: Scientists and Faith Communities Addressing the Climate Crisis. This was followed by a DoSER/Center for Public Engagement event: Telling Stories About Climate Change Responses, with Katharine Hayhoe. Both events were recorded and are available via these links.

The AAAS Annual Meeting has many sessions every year focused on climate science and communication, and the meeting itself is working to reduce its environmental impact. Plenary talks on climate change have included:

The Science family of journals publishes many scientific and policy-oriented articles on climate change.

For Journalists

SciLine is an independent, freely available service providing timely access to trustworthy, articulate experts for journalists and other communicators producing print, broadcast, or digital stories about science-related issues. SciLine fact sheets are evidence-based, factual summaries of newsworthy scientific issues, designed to be quickly and easily scanned by journalists and others. Many of these are climate-related. 

How Can Individuals Help?

AAAS Statements and Letters to Policymakers

AAAS statements include many on climate change and related issues, such as:

AAAS Opinion Articles

N.C. can’t outlaw global climate change,” Alan I. Leshner and William L. Chameides, The News & Observer (1 August 2012)

Don't let the climate doubters fool you,” Alan I. Leshner, in response to essay by former Alaska governor Sarah Palin, The Washington Post (9 December 2009)

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