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AAAS Fellow Bonnie Bassler wins 2016 Max Planck Research Award

Molecular biologist and AAAS Fellow Dr. Bonnie Bassler was honored this summer with the 2016 Max Planck Research Award. The award, presented by both the Max Planck-Society and Alexander von Humboldt Foundation in Germany, is given out to two scientists a year, one from Germany and one from abroad, to give "added momentum to specialist fields that are either not yet established in Germany or that deserve to be expanded."

Bonny Bassler


Dr. Bonnie Bassler served on the AAAS Board from 2012-2016 | Princeton University

Bassler and fellow award winner Dr. Martin Wikelski, were given the award for pioneering research into the sensory perception of organisms. Bassler’s research focuses on bacteria and played a major role in discovering that Earth’s most ancient unicellular organisms communicate with one another via chemical signaling molecules.

Elected an AAAS Fellow in 2004, Bassler served on the AAAS Board of Directors from 2012-2016. The award-winning scientist is currently the Chair of Molecular Biology at Princeton University where she is the Squibb Professor and Howard Hughes Medical Instititute Investigator of Molecular Biology.