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AAAS Fellow David Murray to Join the NIH

DavidM. Murray will soon be the associate director for Disease Prevention anddirector of the Office of Disease Prevention(ODP) at the National Institutes of Health. Murray, who became a fellow of AAASin 2007, is currently the chair and professor of the Division of Epidemiologyat Ohio State University's College of Public Health. He is expected to join theNIH in September of next year.

"This is an exciting time for research in disease prevention andhealth promotion, which is gaining more and more visibility at the NIH,"said NIH Director Francis S. Collins in a press release. "I am confidentthat Dr. Murray's experience will be a strong complement to the mission of theODP."

The Office of Disease Prevention is an important part of the NIH. Aspreventing disease is ideal and understanding diseaseprevention could pave the way to new treatments and increased knowledge about healthylifestyles.

According to the announcement, Murray "has spent his career evaluatingintervention programs designed to improve the public health. In particular, Dr.Murray has focused on the design and analysis of group-randomized trials inwhich identifiable social groups are randomized to conditions and members ofthose groups are observed to assess the effect of an intervention. He alsoconducts research to develop and test new methods for their analysis."

You can learn more from the NIH announcementor David Murray's bio on the Ohio State University website.