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The AAAS Local Science Engagement Network is Now Accepting Registrations

New registrations can be accepted at any time

AAAS has launched the Local Science Engagement Network (LSEN), a new program that will energize and channel the commitment of AAAS members and the science community by connecting science advocates to local conversations about energy, sustainability, climate change, and other pressing issues. The LSEN will bring science to solutions that benefit people and communities.

The LSEN answers a call to action from our growing membership that science societies like AAAS should do more to provide platforms and pathways, supporting scientists who want to engage locally in the deliberative process around science-relevant policies and programs. 

LSEN will elevate the role of science – and scientists – as leaders who can provide valuable and actionable data and analysis necessary for sound decision-making by empowering scientists to speak on behalf of science-based solutions with local policymakers and stakeholders. 

To get started, visit the LSEN Action Center and register your account. Then, join the LSEN Community forum to see the latest events and discussions.

Comic showing person saying "science" alone, then joined by another people saying "science."
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Daniel Barry

Local and State Advocacy Director


Daniel Barry

Local and State Advocacy Director

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