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AAAS Mass Media Fellows Share Their Stories

From space mining to cheese, the 2017 AAAS Mass Media Fellows share their journeys, and their stories, on Twitter. 

The 2017 Mass Media Fellows were placed at a variety of outlets all over the country.

Follow @mirakatherine's summer #scicomm adventures at the @LATimes! sponsored by @HSFdn

— MassMedia Fellowship (@AAASMassMedia) August 17, 2017

Check out @ASKusmer 's summer #scicomm successes! sponsored by @HSFdn

— MassMedia Fellowship (@AAASMassMedia) August 11, 2017

Catch up on all of @jiffy8706's summer MMfellowship writing at @newsobserver Thanks to @BWFUND !

— MassMedia Fellowship (@AAASMassMedia) August 9, 2017

Catch up on 2017 MMF @JonathanWosen summer #scicomm @statnews Sponsored by @APSPhysiology

— MassMedia Fellowship (@AAASMassMedia) August 8, 2017

Check out 2017 MMF @CarolynMWilke's summer #scicomm writing @sacbee_news thanks to @HSFdn

— MassMedia Fellowship (@AAASMassMedia) August 7, 2017


At the start of the summer, the 2017 Mass Media Fellows hit the ground running.

Big day for me. Just published my first article for @Slate can't thank @AmstatNews and @AAASMassMedia enough

— Nick Thieme (@FurrierTranform) June 17, 2017

What's for dinner? My first clip for @newsobserver. Thanks to @AAASMassMedia and @BWFUND for your support!

— Jeremy Frieling (@jiffy8706) June 19, 2017


Throughout the summer, the 2017 Mass Media Fellows covered a range of interesting, pressing, and innovative scientific news.

Space mining: coming soon to an asteroid near you – but int'l law isn't quite ready. @AAASMassMedia @TheSIAMNews

— Jesse (@jdunietz) August 29, 2017

DNA testing for sugar pines in Tahoe forests My last piece for @AAASMassMedia at @sacbee_news @HSFdn

— Carolyn Wilke (@CarolynMWilke) August 22, 2017

I wrote about bacteria evolving, in cheese! @AAASMassMedia @HSFdn

— Menaka Wilhelm (@menakawilhelm) July 28, 2017

I wrote about the IUD edging into a previously one-company drug category @AAASMassMedia @HSFdn

— Menaka Wilhelm (@menakawilhelm) August 25, 2017

My latest article explores how #airpollution affects our #health @AAASMassMedia @BWFUND

— Dra. Dina García (@EpiDG) August 23, 2017

Tweaking TB's genes could pave way to a better vaccine. My latest (and final!) story for @statnews @AAASMassMedia @APSPhysiology

— Jonathan Wosen (@JonathanWosen) August 18, 2017


The 2017 Mass Media Fellows also kept their sense of humor and had a good time. 

To most, farming is a distant field (pun intended).

Here's what you, the eater, need to know: @AAASMassMedia @ASPB

— Jenna E Gallegos (@FoodBeerScience) July 24, 2017

As an @AAASMassMedia fellow, @medialab's @bcdatta studies how to communicate technical information to the public:

— MIT SA+P (@mitsap) August 30, 2017

After a summer writing about slugs, carcasses, rovers, poop & more carcasses, it's my last day as a @AAASMassMedia fellow at @SmithsonianMag

— Kyle Frischkorn (@kylefrischkorn) August 25, 2017

2017 @AAASMassMedia #eclipse watching party! Check out those sweet crescents

— Jordan Axelson (@J2theAether) August 21, 2017

Science journalist in the field w/ @nature_org It was a beautiful day to be in a river.Check out my mussels! @AAASMassMedia @journalsentinel

— Jordan Axelson (@J2theAether) August 10, 2017


At the end of the summer, the Mass Media Fellows returned to being scientists. But they carry their new skills and perspectives with them.

First group of @AAASMassMedia heads home! Hasta luego

— Dra. Dina García (@EpiDG) August 22, 2017

THANK YOU @AAASMassMedia for an incredible summer of #scicomm

— Mira Abed (@mirakatherine) September 5, 2017

Paper submitted and off to a conference tomorrow. These days grad life feels almost as busy as science writing as an @AAASMassMedia fellow

— Carolyn Wilke (@CarolynMWilke) September 9, 2017



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