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AAAS Member Leslie Freeman Dead at 77

Anthropologist Leslie Freeman, a leading scholar of Paleolithic Spain, died on December 14 in Portland, Oregon. He was 77. Freeman, a member of AAAS and Section H (anthropology), was a professor emeritus at the University of Chicago. Freeman made a number of important contributions to the study of the Paleolithic period. He increased scholars' understanding of Neanderthal technology, subsistence, and other aspects of behavior, beginning with the work for his 1964 doctoral dissertation as a graduate student at UChicago.

Freeman co-founded the Institute for Prehistoric Investigations and the Instituto para Investigacions Prehistoricas, which were incorporated in the United States and Spain, respectively.

He retired in 2000 and spent much of every year in Whitehall, Montona, where he and his wife Susan Tax Freeman built a home surrounded by national forest. He and his wife recently relocated to Hillsboro, Oregon.

In addition to his wife, Freeman is survived by his daughter, Sarah Freeman, of Portland, Oregon, stepmother, Jane Freeman, of Sun City, Ariz., and a sister, Antoinette Freeman, of Andover, New York.

To read the full obituary: Leslie Freeman, scholar of Paleolithic period in Spain, 1935-2012