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AAAS Members and the Great American Eclipse

AAAS members spent the days (and years) leading up to the solar eclipse sending warnings, making plans, and getting excited!

871 days or 2 years, 4 months, 18 days to go #solareclipse #eclipse2017 #2017eclipse

— Angela Speck (@Stardustspeck) April 3, 2015

I'll basically be spending the next 3 days looking up at the sky. #ChicagoAirAndWater #SolarEclipse

— Danielle Fanslow (@DaniFonz) August 18, 2017

#Protect your #eyes while viewing the #solareclipse. #SolarEclipse2017 #eclipse #sun #astronomy

— Linda Zajac (@LindaZajac) August 16, 2017

And when the day finally came, AAAS members pulled out their tools:  

It was great to see the progression of the eclipse with a sunspotter. @UCLAEPSS

— Jean-Luc Margot (@jeanlucmargot) August 21, 2017


My NYC eclipse picture using binoculars, a box top, and a sheet of paper. Looking forward to 2024!

— Kathy (@Kathy_Jankowski) August 21, 2017


Nice break in the clouds at peak #EclipseDay #SolarEclipse

— David Logerstedt (@DaveLogPT) August 21, 2017


Got ~70% coverage for #SolarEclipse in #RochesterNY

— Kevin C. Cooke (@astrokevincooke) August 21, 2017

And, of course, they got their cameras and took some great shots of the Great American Eclipse:

View from my roof in Harlem#SolarEclipse

— Jayde Lovell (@JaydeLovell) August 21, 2017

9:55am in #SalemOR watching the #SolarEclipse Temperature is dropping, noticeable dimming of light. Feels like dusk.

— Boutique Academia (@BoutiqAcademia) August 21, 2017


Great American Eclipse. #SolarEclipse2017

— Jessie Slater (@subbasegirl) August 21, 2017


Time-lapse of today's #eclipse in St. Jospeh, MO #SolarEclispe2017

— Kevin Cavallin (@gene5335) August 22, 2017


When is 99% not close to 100%? When viewing a solar eclipse. Breath-taking.

— Steven Austad (@StevenAustad) August 22, 2017


Dappled eclipse shadows

— Jason Stajich (@hyphaltip) August 21, 2017


Welcomed new @vandy_biostat grad students with total eclipse party in Nashville @JJ_Chipman

— Frank Harrell (@f2harrell) August 21, 2017


Still from a video -scanned the sky quickly with eyes closed. Luckily caught this. #Eclipse2017 #EclipseDay #SolarEclipse

— Carol Heppner (@QueenofCr8tvty) August 21, 2017