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AAAS Members Needed for Educational Videos

Want to be featured in a major media outlet's new batch of educational videos? They are creating 100 3-minute science videos for high schoolers on advanced science topics, aimed at above-average high school science students. The videos will be incorporated into the media outlet's online educational assets and distributed to schools and educators via their websites and outreach. Topic areas include physics, chemistry and earth science.

They are in need of six scientists to serve as experts working in the lab or field to be filmed on location. They are looking for younger scientists, especially female, and who reflect ethnic diversity. You'll be on camera, not as a talking head but participating in an active research activity. You may be asked to do an aside, as a brief explanation of the activity, but minimal to no interview style shots. Previous on camera experience is perferred but not necessary.

A stipend will be provided.

Please contact Roger Harris -- Consultant and Writer at Harris Social Media LLC -- if you are interested in participating.