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AAAS Office of Publishing and Member Services Wins Three MarCom Awards

AAAS's Office of Publishing and Member Services (OPMS) ended 2014 with style, winning a MarCom Platinum Award and two Golds.

OPMS Award One Third

Sketch from the "Greatest Innovators in History" T-shirt campaign | AAAS/Tzeitel Sorrosa

The MarCom Awards were created by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals and are open to any individual or company involved in the concept, writing, and design of print, visual, audio, and web materials and programs. The competition draws about 6,000 entries annually from 34 countries, including Fortune 50 marketing departments and freelancers alike.

AAAS won the Platinum Award for its "Every scientist has a story" booklet, which curated the best of AAAS Member Central's articles. It includes stories about "a modern-day Indiana Jones" and "the Father of Global Warming." The booklet's introduction reads, "We hope you see some of yourself in the stories our members have shared with us."

The "Greatest Innovators in History" T-shirt campaign won a MarCom Gold Award through its hand-drawn sketches showing Leonardo Da Vinci's flyer, Jonas Salk's polio vaccine, and Alexander Graham Bell's telephone.


Tzeitel Sorrosa, senior art associate and project manager, had a hand in each of the award-winning products. She was inspired to create the "Greatest Innovators" T-shirts by "the fact that some of our earliest AAAS supporters were renowned scientists that made significant discoveries and advancements in human knowledge, such as Alexander G. Bell, Thomas Edison, and Albert Einstein," she said. "We paired that with AAAS's goal of advancing science and serving society, and created T-shirts that would not only inspire others with these achievements, but also educate them about these historical milestones in science and our lives."

Finally, OPMS's launch campaign for AAAS's new open access journal, Science Advances, also garnered a Gold with the print ad, "This is the start of something big."

"It really is my favorite piece of advertisement since I came here," said Ian King, director of marketing for the past six years.