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AAAS Publication Puts Spotlight on S&T Policy Fellowships

AAAS Member Update featuring STPF


The AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellowships (STPF) program is the focus of the latest issue of the AAAS Member Update newsletter. In the CEO message, Rush Holt (STPF alumnus fellow) wrote:

More than four decades ago AAAS and several other societies decided to send a few scientists to Capitol Hill for a year to bring technical expertise to the legislative process. In subsequent years it quickly grew to several dozens of scientists sponsored by many different scientific societies, and then the “policy fellows” program spread to various executive agencies. Today AAAS places more than 270 Ph.D.-level scientists in all three branches of the federal government each year. The now 3,500 alumni have shown the science community what great things scientists and engineers can do with their training in addition to research work in the lab or the observatory. The program has changed many careers and lives for the better. I know; I was a policy fellow.

Among other stories are four that highlight STPF fellows, including STPF Director Jennifer Pearl. 

Jennifer Pearl: The Eye-Opening S&T Policy Fellowship

Jesus Alvelo Turns from Bacteria to Budgets

S&T Policy Fellow Eileen Oni Combines Scientific Thinking with the Big Picture

Burps, Sharks, Your Insides and Other Scientific Matters


Science & Technology Policy Fellowships

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