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AAAS Statement on OSTP Federally Funded Research Guidance

AAAS, the nonprofit publisher of the Science family of journals, supports the objectives of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy and has a long history of advocating for equitable access to scientific research and data while ensuring a more inclusive publishing ecosystem for scientists. We have open access policies for five of our subscription-based journals and provide gold open access publication through Science Advances. Additionally, all research of immediate relevance to public health, or that reports the reference sequence of a genome, is freely available upon publication.

Most relevant, it is already our policy that authors who publish with one of our journals can make the accepted version of their manuscript publicly available in institutional repositories immediately upon publication, without delay. Importantly, we are currently exploring additional ways to allow immediate access to author accepted manuscripts. We believe these initiatives will achieve equitable access while ensuring the ability for all authors to have access to publishing opportunities without upfront costs. While many early reports are signaling that OSTP’s guidance to federal agencies will substantially impact scientific publishers, we believe it is too soon to tell if this guidance will impact our journals. Consistent with this policy, we look forward to continued collaboration with OSTP to ensure equitable access to scientific publishing for readers and authors.

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Sudip Parikh

Chief Executive Officer and Executive Publisher, Science Journals

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