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The AAAS/Puget Sound STEM Volunteer Program is Seeking Seattle Area Volunteers

Part of the AAAS mission is to foster education in science and technology for everyone. Getting scientists at all stages of their career, including retirement, into K-12 classrooms is one way to achieve this.

Towards that end, AAAS is working with local member Bud Wurtz, to launch the AAAS/Puget Sound STEM Volunteer Program, a program seeking to place AAAS members, as well as other members of the STEM community in Seattle, as scientist assistants in local K-12 classrooms. The AAAS/Puget Sound STEM Volunteer Program is modeled after AAAS's successful SSE program in the Washington, D.C. area.

The details of the partnership are worked out between the teacher and the volunteer, and may involve giving demonstrations, assisting in lab experiments, lecturing on special topics, assisting with homework, etc. The hours are flexible, and volunteers attend a one-day training session before being assigned to schools.

 To see how current volunteers are assisting their teachers, view the Voice of America classroom interview, or to learn more volunteering in a K-12 classroom, please vist the AAAS-SSE website

If you care about K-12 science education and have time to share your knowledge with students and teachers, please send a note to William Wurtz, with your home address, or call 425-882-2021.

Together we can make a difference.