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Announcing the Winner of the 2013 "I Love Science" Contest

This year, AAAS gave people the opportunity to win free registration to the 2013 AAAS Annual Meeting in Boston, MA. Over 100 applicants submitted 25 words or less about why they love science.

A winner was selected at random, with 20 runners up also selected. Runners up won their very own "I Love Science" t-shirt, while the winner gets unlimited access to all of the symposia, seminars, topical lectures, plenary events, workshops, and the Exhibit Hall at the AAAS Annual Meeting February 14-18, 2013.

Congratulations to our winner, Ana Bozas, who loves science because "it can do amazing things: extend life, cure disease, make machines that do the daily work, etc. Life without science would be dull and miserable."

Our 20 runners up are also listed below:

Elisabeth A "Because there's always something exciting and new to learn, no matter how much you think you already know! Science is an ever evolving puzzle."
M.S. A "The sheer joy of discovery is enough, but the amazing things people can do with new knowledge is awe inspiring."
Jenny B "I love science because it holds the key to understanding almost everything about life, the earth and the universe."
Sidi C "I am fascinated by the beauty of nature and how things work since childhood. Science is the bread and butter of my life. Making discoveries is thrilling."
Justin C "I love science beacuase I get the opportunity everyday to not only learn something new to me but discover something no one has known anything about previously."
Michael E "Becuase the student's thoughts that I get to teach ignite every day with questions and possibilities just as my brain does each day."
Kevin K "I love science because it is what allowed us to be who we are today and is what will ensure our existence in the future."
Theresa L "Because science rekindles the wide-eyed childish wonder that smolders within each of us."
Richard L "Science is more than a field of study and work. It is the intellectual and spiritual foundation for my life. That's why I love it."
Ah Kau N "I love science because it is universal and aligns with truth. It serves to free us from ignorance and suffering by advancing knowledge and humanity."
Joseph O "I want to know...It has enabled me to explore in more depth than I ever imagined.  From microscopic to the universe there is still so much to learn."
Mitchell T R "Beyond ever-emerging insights, for each "layer of the onion" scientists peel, new and undreamed-of layers emerge illuminating a threshold of the future."
Jennifer S "I love science because it is one of the few fields that truly allows us to begin to understand, appreciate, and cure the world."
Zhiyuan S "Science makes the world go around, challenging yet fascinating."
Tatyana S "it challenges me"
John W "It allows me to understand the world around us. When I make a discovery in science, I make the world a little smarter."
William W "because I have never wanted to do anything else"
Karen W "I love science because it helps inquisitive minds of all ages answer "why" about all things observable in life!"
Edward Z "I love science so much because it represents the curiosity of the thinking being, the knowledge of humankind, and the improvement of the human experience."