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Automatic Cuts to R&D Will Have Devastating Impacts on STEMM

With the passage of another continuing resolution, we have avoided a government shutdown. That is nothing to celebrate.  Funding the government with short-term continuing resolutions over five months into the fiscal year is dysfunctional. With the passage of this CR, Congress yet again takes only one step back from the brink of effectively surrendering our global leadership in science and technology to other nations that have chosen to prioritize investments in biomedical research, artificial intelligence, quantum computing, fusion, STEMM education, and more.

If Congress fails to fund the federal government by April 30, large automatic cuts to research and development will be triggered. These cuts would have real and lasting consequences for the science and technology foundations of our future health, economy, and national security. Congress must pass full-year appropriations bills before April 30 and ensure that U.S. science and technology leadership is maintained.

"US Capitol Building" by Hey Paul is licensed under CC BY 2.0.


Sudip Parikh

Chief Executive Officer and Executive Publisher, Science Journals