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Blog Feature: How to Transition into an STPF Fellowship

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Recently on the fellow-run blog and podcast, Sci on the Fly, fellows interview a science policy leader in the making and provide tips on how to transition into a new fellowship.  

As a first-year fellow at the Department of Defense, Mariangellys Rodriguez has first-hand experience with the challenges of acclimating to a new work environment. Ever the student, she took steps to equip herself for settling in smoothly. Using “The First 90 Days” by Michael D. Watkins as a framework, she blogged about how she used the book to help herself transition into her fellowship.  

Rodriguez outlines three principles to follow: cultivate a growth mindset; secure early wins; and, accelerate your learning curve. Each principle includes emphasizing your strengths and practicing new skills to ease the transition into a new position. Rodriguez also provides tips that focus on interpersonal skills and getting to know your team.  

PRO TIP: When networking, be purposeful and intentional. This is especially useful for introverts and ambiverts who may feel a bit more overwhelmed than extroverted fellows given the networking intensity of the STPF fellowship. Think of who you want to meet and why. Are there sectors, topics or skills you want to learn about? Are there activities (improv, hiking, sightseeing) you want to share with other fellows?  - Mariangellys Rodriguez 

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Written by STPF Communications Intern Robyn Craig


Robyn Craig


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