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A Brief Comparison of R&D Funding in the House, Senate, and Administration Budgets

The early stages of the FY 2014 appropriations cycle have been marked by an abiding, substantial gap in spending levels and priorities, with $91 billion in discretionary spending separating the President’s budget and the House budget. To outline the current contours of the debate for R&D, AAAS has assembled estimates (pdf) of R&D funding for select agencies in FY 2014 under the three proposed budgets from the House, Senate, and the White House. These estimates, which emphasize the current gap between thre parties, are based on recommended spending levels by budget function from each proposal, and earlier AAAS estimates of R&D under the President’s request, and include percentage changes from FY 2012 and, in the case of the Congressional budgets, from the President’s request. These figures will be updated when the House and Senate Appropriations committees release their 302(b) allocations, which set spending limits for each appropriations bill (for a fuller explanation of these allocations and how they fit into the overall process, see this summary from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities).


Download: AAAS Comparison of R&D Under The Three FY 2014 Budgets