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Call for Session Proposals and Posters: Science Diplomacy 2018

The AAAS Center for Science Diplomacy will host the fourth annual science diplomacy conference, “Science Diplomacy 2018,” on September 14, 2018, at the AAAS Headquarters in Washington, D.C. This year’s conference will be particularly special as we celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the Center. The one-day conference will bring scientists and engineers, policymakers and diplomats, and educators and students together around emerging and timely issues of science diplomacy in plenary and parallel panel sessions.

Submissions for panel and poster sessions are now closed. 

SciDip conference 2017
Panel session during Science Diplomacy 2017 | Credit: AAAS/Stephen Waldron

Science Diplomacy Topics

The interactions between the scientific and foreign policy communities are not new but continue to evolve and grow. Science, in its broadest sense, is an essential element of foreign policy, from supporting diplomatic processes to building bridges between countries. Advancements in science and engineering depend on international cooperation that diplomacy can help support. And the global challenges that societies face require solutions and tools that will come from the complex interplay between the diverse institutions and sectors in science and diplomacy. Over the past decade, science diplomacy has only grown in importance.

Panel session proposals should further advance the scope, development, understanding, and use of any of these aspects of science diplomacy. Especially given the ten-year anniversary, organizers are strongly encouraged in their proposals to address the future of science diplomacy and what may be on the horizon over the next decade. Science diplomacy topics include, but are not limited to:

  • The role of institutions, networks, and mechanisms in science diplomacy
  • National approaches to science diplomacy
  • International research and large-scale infrastructures
  • Scientific cooperation during political strain or conflict
  • Cross-cutting areas of transboundary issues and governance of the global commons
  • The Sustainable Development Goals and the post-2030 agenda
  • Diplomacy needs and impact of scientific disciplines
  • Science and technology in international development
  • Regional integration and trade
  • Higher education and research mobility; and
  • Capacity building, training, and education in science diplomacy

Prior to submission, we encourage session organizers to also look at the agenda and resources from past Science Diplomacy Conferences (2017, 2016 and 2015) as well as topics covered in the journal Science & Diplomacy.

Panel and Poster Session Instructions

The sessions should be a 90-minute interactive panel comprising up to four individuals (including moderator) providing short presentations that catalyze robust discussions among the panelists and audience.  Session organizers may serve as moderators of their sessions but not necessarily.  All proposals will be reviewed by a Selection Committee convened by the Center.  The poster session is intended to provide an opportunity for a small number of participants to present their ideas on science diplomacy and serve as a venue for extended informal discussion with other meeting attendees. 

Session and Poster Proposal Timeline

  • Submissions are due by May 4, 2018
  • Proposers will be notified in late May, 2018

AAAS Diversity Statement

The Selection Committee is particularly interested in session proposals that include gender balance and representation of underrepresented minorities. Organizers are strongly encouraged to include such panelists in their proposals as a consideration in the selection of sessions. 

Travel Support

Session organizers and panelists on the program participate in the conference at their own expense, though they will receive complimentary registration for the conference.



AAAS Staff