Defense R&D in the Final FY2012 Appropriations Bill: Science and Technology Holds Steady, but Overall Investment Down

On balance, the FY 2012 spending package will yield moderate reductions in overall Defense research and development activities, with notable exceptions in basic and applied research. RDT&E funding stands at $72.9 billion, a 3.4 percent decrease from last years levels. Most of these cuts are the products of reductions in development, demonstration, and support activities. For instance, advanced technology and components development are each seeing cuts greater than 5 percent below FY 2011 levels. These cuts are partially offset by increases to basic and applied research, which combined will receive a $421 billion or 6.5 percent increase above FY 2011 levels. As a result, science and technology spending actually holds steady from last year in the aggregate, but the character changes. Among the services, Army sees the greatest reduction in RDT&E spending, at $927 million or 9.6 percent below FY 2011 levels, while Navy and Air Force hold nearly steady; conversely, Army sees the largest increase in science and technology activities, receiving $364 million or 16.8 percent more for basic and applied research and advanced technology development than in FY 2011, while Navy and Air Force see very small cuts. Defense-wide agencies will see the largest cuts of all, with FY 2012 funding reduced by $1.6 billion below FY 2011 levels. Lastly, note that university research partnerships will see a 10 percent increase in FY 2012.

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FY 2012 Consolidated Appropriations Act