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Dirty Water: What to know, what to do

As its name suggests, Marine Pollution: What Everyone Needs to Know, is a new book written for laypeople. “The idea is to give people more knowledge about the extremely serious problems associated with marine pollution, and enable them to combat and reduce some of these problems,” stated author Judith Weis, 1983-84 Congressional Fellow sponsored by American Society of Zoologists. Organized by type of pollution – from marine debris and pesticides to climate change – each chapter explores the sources, effects, policies, and responses to various problems.

Judith Weis

Judith Weis explores a salt marsh.

With three books about salt marshes, fish, and crabs already under her belt, Weis wanted to turn her attention to the issue of marine pollution. “When I became aware of the What Everyone Needs to Know™ series of Oxford University Press, it seemed to be a good fit for the type of book I wanted to write,” said Weis. “Having been interested in policy for a long time, I included a discussion of policy in the book – it’s also the reason that I took the S&T Policy Fellowship.”