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Dr DeBonne Wishart on Empowering Women in the Earth and Environmental Sciences



Dr.DeBonne N. Wishart presentation at GS6 Pre-summit session | Credit

As one of few women STEM Faculty in geophysics at MSIs, Dr. Wishart presented in Gender Summit 6, her experience and views on required factors for ensuring more representation of female earth and enviromental scientists. 

Dr Wishart highlighted six main factors contributing to women faculty retention and advancement at MSIs, which include the stressing need for quality mentoring and creativity in finding strategies to sustain women contributions to geosciences fields. Overall, these factors relate to: 1. solid mentoring; 2.encouragement of academic freedom; 3. professional development; 4. Institutional support to research and collaboration; 5. Alignment of institution and Faculty goals; and 6. Shared values and beliefs consistent with the mission of the institution.

This videos shows a snapshot of Dr Wishart's presentation:

The presentation was followed by a panel open for Q&As to all speakers. Dr Wishart elaborated further on her perspectives for women empowerement in geosciences and the types of challenges that prevent increased representation, including cultural barriers.

Speakers' Panel in Conference: Introducing the Gender Dimension to STEMM Higher Education | Credit

As cited by Dr Wishart in follow-up discussions, most speakers discussed the common ground to women involvement and retention in STEM fields, which are less "commonly accepted" in global societies, unlike social sciences, medicine, etc..

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