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Dr. Fauci, STEM DEI, Comic Con…fellows cover it all

Photo of Dr. Anthony Fauci
Dr. Anthony Fauci | NAIAD


Happy 10th anniversary to the blog and podcast run by AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellows (STPF)! Sci on the Fly inspires thought and prompts dialog on all things science policy.  

The very first blog in 2013 discussed how an old drug had potential new use in treating pancreatic cancer, while last month the most recent one takes readers backstage with STPF fellows who presented at two comic cons (conventions) to give members of the public “an opportunity to directly engage with scientists and start open dialogues in a safe environment where no question is too obscure,” wrote STPF fellows Carlo G. Quintanilla (2021-23 fellow at the National Institutes of Health) and Heather Masson-Forsythe (2022-24 fellow at the National Science Foundation).  

Sci on the Fly also had the pleasure of hosting Anthony Fauci on the most recent podcast. In his interview with STPF fellow Adejare “Jay” Atanda (2022-24 Executive Branch Fellow, U.S. Department of Homeland Security), they discovered a common thread between Fauci’s childhood in Brooklyn and Atanda’s in Nigeria. Their wide-ranging conversation covered how he coped with the stress of a long career helping safeguard the health of the nation, pandemic preparedness and response, how careers unfold, how scientists can leverage the power of the media for good, and even how bobbleheads might help educate people about important public health principles.  

The blog was launched in 2013 by Lynn Adams (2011-13 Executive Branch Fellow, Environmental Protection Agency; and 2013-14 fellow at National Institutes of Health, NIH), Judy Keen (2012-14 fellow at NIH) and Lynn Hull (2012-13 fellow at NIH) as a fun, enlightening and collaborative way for fellows to gain solid experience with science communication. Somewhere in their busy fellowship schedules, these scientists and engineers make the time to brainstorm ideas; make pitches to renown STEM experts, legislators and policymakers; research; write; and publicize blogs and podcasts each month. 

Then in May 2016, Beth Linas (2015-16 Executive Branch Fellow, National Science Foundation) launched the first Sci on the Fly podcast. She recruited five of her fellow fellows to meet in a café and hash about the elusive definition of The Scientific Method.

The current editorial board consists of blog executive editor Heather Masson-Forsythe; blog editors Mariah Baker (2022-23 Congressional Science & Engineering Fellow; 2023-24 fellow at the Department of State), Jaclyn Brennan (2021-22 Congressional Science & Engineering Fellow sponsored by American Society of Mechanical Engineers; 2022-23 fellow at USAID); Jesse Dunietz (2021-23 fellow at the Department of State), Aditi Gupta (2021-22 fellow at USAID sponsored by IEEE-USA; 2022-23 Congressional Science & Engineering Fellow sponsored by American Society of Mechanical Engineers), Meryleen Mena (2022-23 fellow at USAID; 2023-24 fellow at NSF) and Camille Simoneau (2022-23 fellow at State); and Podcast Executive Producer Reshmina William (2021-22 fellow at the Federal Judicial Center; 2022-23 fellow at the Department of Energy).

Sci on the Fly is also on Twitter at @STPFSciFly: which is managed by STPF Communications Associate Katherine Yau. And if you’re on iTunes, you can subscribe to the podcast here.


Kat Song

Senior Marketing & Communications Manager

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