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The Final FY 2024 Budget

A Summary of How R&D Fared

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Earlier this month the first half of the 12 appropriations bills were passed and signed into law, and the remaining six just recently became law. The appropriations “process” has been a long one this year, as can be see in the graphic below, but we’ve reach the end of the cycle and can look back at how R&D funding fared in FY 2024. 

A graphic showing the winding path of the fiscal year 2024 appropriations process, with a box for every major event that lead up to the final passes of all 12 appropriations bills.

Early in the appropriations process the Fiscal Responsibility Act became law, setting toplines for defense and nondefense discretionary funding that would force cuts – the goal was initially a 1% decrease from FY 2023 levels for each, but through CBO recalculations of estimates the percentage cut changed over the course of the year. The final budget is a reflection of those topline numbers, with a lot of hard choices made across the agencies we track. 

This report will estimate the R&D funding across types and categories of R&D, as well as a rundown of the major ups and downs by agency. More detailed information on all the R&D programs we track is available on our 2024 appropriations dashboard

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