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Guide to R&D Funding Data

This section is a guide to our publications, tables, and charts on federal funding for R&D. It is also a guide (with links) to R&D funding data from other sources. Most of the charts in this section are available only in Adobe Acrobat PDF format, unless they are labeled as ‘HTML’. You may download a free viewer for your computer from the Adobe Web site. Most of the documents on this page are tables or charts only. Explanatory text and our in-depth analyses based on the tables and charts on this page can be found in our publications and in our Web-based analyses (the most current analyses can be found on the FY 2013 R&D page). Our information on this page is organized under the following categories. Please go to the appropriate page:

Please note that some of the data from non-AAAS sources may contain inconsistencies with our data because of differing time frames and methodology. Please see our Methodology, Data Sources, and Important Notes page for more information. Also, please be aware that these data are continually revised as new data become available. Please note the dates on the charts and tables, and check back later for more current data if they are marked “preliminary”.