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Homeland Security in the FY 2012 Approps Bill: Cuts Continue for Science and Technology

Continuing the trend from FY2010, Congress made marginal cuts to the DHS Science and Technology Directorate in the FY 2012 Consolidated Appropriations Act. Final FY 2012 funding stands at $533 million, 1.7 percent below FY 2011 levels and slightly more than half of the Administrations request. Congresss clearest break with the Administration is in funding support for the Directorates research, development and innovation function; the compromise bill provides $266 million, 59.7 percent less than the request. Congress also provided $177 million for lab facilities, 36.2 percent less than the request but a 26.1 percent increase from FY 2011. Elsewhere, the Office of Domestic Nuclear Detection also is subject to a $52 million or 15.1 percent cut below FY 2011 levels, primarily due to a $60 million or 21.8 percent cut to research, development and operations. FEMA is also facing a 40.7 percent cut of $2.9 billion below FY 2011 levels.

Department of Homeland Security Funding Table
FY 2012 Consolidated Appropriations Act