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How to Make Your 2021 STPF Application Shine

STPF Online Application

There are more than 250 AAAS S&T Policy Fellows across the federal government tackling nearly every public policy issue imaginable. Each has a unique fellowship experience. One thing they have in common? They all start with a compelling application. Whether you’re just getting started or preparing to hit “submit”, here are some resources to make your application shine.

I Haven’t Started Yet

Confirm your eligibility. Before launching into an application, confirm you meet all eligibility criteria to apply to STPF.

Review the application. This is a handy guide to each step of the STPF application. What should be included in your applicant statement? How long can your CV be? How many references do you need? Find out in the application overview.

Know how applicants are evaluated. It’s not a secret! Find out what reviewers will look for in your application. See what makes a perfect score.

Chat with fellows. You don’t have to rely on your magic 8-ball for an answer. Join us live for a Live Chat webinar with fellows, or watch a recording on-demand.

I’m In the Middle of My Application

Select two program areas. Read up on fellowship placements: executive, legislative and judicial. We encourage applicants not to limit themselves and apply to two program areas.

Tailor each program area application. Customize your letters of reference and essay responses to each program area application.

Ask for recommendation letters early. Remember that your references need time to write the perfect letter. Plus your deadline is their deadline! Let them know to which program areas you are applying and share resources with them about the fellowship for context.

I’ve Already Hit ‘Submit’ – What’s Next?

Get an overview of the review process. Hitting “submit” is the first step in a process that takes several months. Prepare for a virtual interview. Read up on policy memos (below). Chat with fellows.

Read tips for writing a policy memo. Written by STPF fellows, a great resource for anyone preparing for the semi-finalist interview phase.

Get psyched for finalist interview week. Check out this recent blog all about executive branch interview week and what to expect in spring 2022.

Good luck! The deadline to apply is November 1: apply now.


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