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Invention Ambassadors Inspire IBM Academy of Technology

This story first appeared on the IBM Academy of Technology web-page. It summarizes the Invention Ambassadors webinar with over 250 IBM employees. A link to the story is included below. 

The AAAS-Lemelson Invention Ambassadors partnered with the IBM Academy of Technology to create a conversation between impactful and prolific inventors. Our inventors demonstrated Einstein’s theory that, “Imagination is the highest form of Research”.

Each of their stories inspired, influenced and informed us.

They discussed topics such as: Why invent? What communities to engage? How to create novel ideas? When will cutting a loss accelerate inventive activity?

Our panel collectively earned over 1,400 patents and included some of the most prolific inventors in the world today.

We hope the insights gained from this session will help you progress and nourish your ability to invent.

Read the full story here: here