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Join the '1848 Society' for Charitable Gift Planning

Each year, members and friends inform us that they have included a bequest to the American Association for the Advancement of Science in their estate plans. For these individuals—and for AAAS—these commitments of eventual gifts play an important role in planning for the future.
To express our gratitude to those who have included AAAS in their wills and other charitable gift plans, we established the "1848 Society." The society is named for AAAS's founding year and recognizes the many scientists and engineers who have followed in the footsteps of Science founder Thomas Edison by leaving a legacy that will ensure that AAAS can be a force for science for years to come. Their gifts provide for the long-term strength of our work to advance science, engineering, and innovation around the world for the benefit of all people; support a diverse workforce that is prepared for the breadth of STEM careers; defend openness and integrity in the practice and applications of science; and promote communication among scientists, engineers, and the public.
Planned giving offers a variety of opportunities that allow individuals like you to contribute to the future financial stability of AAAS while also meeting your current income needs; providing for your heirs; and, in many cases, enjoying income-tax advantages. By being listed among members of the 1848 Society, donors inspire others to include AAAS in their estate planning, thus multiplying the impact of their own generosity.
Just this month, AAAS awarded four outstanding women chemists $50,000 each to advance their promising research in the chemical sciences. These awards were made possible by a legacy gift from long-time AAAS member and chemist, Marion Tuttle Milligan Mason. AAAS is proud to be the steward of such gifts and is honored to celebrate Dr. Mason's commitment to advancing the careers of young women.
If you wish to receive information on how to make a charitable bequest or another type of planned gift to AAAS, please complete and return this form or contact Juli Staiano, Director of the Office of Philanthropy and Strategic Partnerships, at (202) 326-6636 or
I hope that you will consider becoming a part of the 1848 Society. Your decision today will help to provide solutions to some of the world's most pressing issues and help to ensure our strength and impact well into the future.

More information on the benefits of the 1848 Society and on estate-planning opportunities is available at
Written by -- Rush D. Holt, Chief Executive Officer and Executive Publisher, Science family of Journals