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Latest Roundup of Sci on the Fly Blogs and Podcasts


Communicating science and technology with members of the public is a critical skill for today’s scientists and engineers. To provide a vehicle to develop these skills and educate the public about a broad swath of issues in science and policy, AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellowships (STPF) launched a blog in 2013 for fellows to publish and manage. A few years later, the blog was expanded to include podcasts.

Recently on Sci on the Fly, neuroscientist Bradley Cooke, 2017-18 Executive Branch Fellow at the National Science Foundation, spoke with Benjamin Munson, professor of speech and hearing science at the University of Minnesota, in a podcast about linguistic patterns in human development. They discussed questions including how does language acquisition and speech patterns in children vary based on gender?

Harnessing the data revolution for food, energy and water systems was the topic of inquiry in another podcast featuring  Ranveer Chandra at the Microsoft Research Lab interviewed by environmental engineer Ryan Locicero, 2016-18 Executive Branch Fellow at the National Science Foundation. Chandra’s research has shipped as part of multiple Microsoft products including the Wireless Controller Protocol in XBOX One.

How can you empower people through the scientific method to help them become agents of change? Neurobiologist Mónica Feliú-Mójer, director of communications & science outreach for Ciencia Puerto Rico, discussed this and more with plant biologist Holly Summers, 2017-2018 Executive Branch Fellow at the USDA.

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